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29 DECEMBER 2009

Combination fleece, hospital gown and Jedi robe!

"It lacks the rock chick cool of a Balmain blazer and the sexiness of Charlotte Olympia heels, but this $14.99 blanket with armholes could be the surprise fashion hit of the recession. The Snuggie looks like a combination of a fleece hospital gown (it's backless!) and Jedi robe, but since its debut in October more than 4m have been sold.

Sales surged after the first airings of a two–minute infomercial featuring a woman driven to despair by the difficulties of wearing a blanket. She couldn't answer the phone, play backgammon or eat popcorn without exposing her arms to cold air."

(Emily Rotberg, The Guardian, 16 February 2009)



2008blanketclothingcouch dress • couch potato • Cuddlee • Cuddlewrap • designenterprisefashion • fleece • form • hospital gown • innovation • Jedi • robe • Slanket • Snug Sack • Snuggie • television • Toasty Wrap


Simon Perkins

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