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22 NOVEMBER 2009

Politics is now 'defined within the media space - a new public space'

"Politics is now 'defined within the media space – a new public space'. The reality is, as he put it, 'it's a binary model; you must be in the media to be in politics you must influence it'. This creates problems, for whilst 'neither Berlusconi nor Murdoch dictates everything' they can influence minds and votes. People read the media headlines about a party programme, rather than the manifestos themselves (although Labour was not helped 2001 with the Prescott punch on the same day as their manifesto launch). Politicians now must ask themselves, 'What is a credible message to translate through the media?' Hence the media acts as a powerful filter to the public."

(Tom Ogg, 2004)

Manuel Castells: Politics and Power in the Network Society, LSE Miliband Public Lecture, London, 18 March 2004


2001Labour • London School of Economics and Political Science • Manuel Castellsmediamedia spacenetwork societypoliticspublic spaceRupert Murdoch • Silvio Berlusconi • UK


David Reid

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