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11 OCTOBER 2009

Internet Eyes: Public monitor CCTV from home

"Members of the public could earn cash by monitoring commercial CCTV cameras in their own home, in a scheme planned to begin next month. The Internet Eyes website will offer up to £1,000 if viewers spot shoplifting or other crimes in progress.

The site's owners say they want to combine crime prevention with the incentive of winning money. But civil liberties campaigners say the idea is 'distasteful' and asks private citizens to spy on each other.

The private company scheme – due to go live in Stratford–upon–Avon in November – aims to stream live footage to subscribers' home computers from CCTV cameras installed in shops and other businesses. If viewers see a crime in progress, they can press a button to alert store detectives and collect points worth up to £1,000.

Internet Eyes founder James Woodward said: 'This is about crime prevention. 'CCTV isn't watched, it isn't monitored, and not enough cameras are watched at any one time. 'What we're doing is we're putting more eyes onto those cameras so that they are monitored'."

(BBC NEWS, 6 October 2009, UK)



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Simon Perkins

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