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20 NOVEMBER 2004

Tag And Scan

Cimarrones Incorporated
You used to have 5 senses. Now you have 6. When you walked down the street you saw buildings and signs, but all traces of the thoughts of the millions of people who proceeded you had disappeared.As you consider these things, you snap a picture with your mobile phone and tag the spot where you stand. It goes into a trip grid called, "Last stand in London". You've just become the latest participant in redefining the real. You've just participated in the 6th sense of reality––Information Reality.



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30 NOVEMBER 1999

TagandScan, Virtual Graffiti and Collective Actions

"The New Scientist writes on the UK service TagandScan 'By tagging messages to mobile phone 'cells', users can post reviews, leave notes for friends, or even organise demonstrations'. When a user logs onto the TagandScan site using their cellphone, they can opt to be automatically located according to network cell from which they are calling. They can then create a message or view ones already left in that cell by other users.

TagandScan was created by New York company Cimarrones and has been undergoing UK field trails for the past month. Cimarrones' president Ryan Janssen says he has been surprised by the ways people have used the service in testing. 'We had some preconceived notions but people are using them in ways we never intended,' Janssen told New Scientist.

Janssen believes people may also use TagandScan to organise political gatherings or create their own guides to a city's bars and restaurants."

(Will Knight, 17 December 2003)



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