Folksonomy | Digital Art is a structured repository of digital culture and creative practice. en-au Creative Commons License: (cc), Simon Perkins Fri, 12 Sep 2014 12:07:56 +1000 Fri, 12 Sep 2014 12:07:56 +1000 Constellations 2.0 60 Automatic Art human and machine processes that make art Exhibition 3 July ndash 10 September 2014 GV Art gallery London 49 Chiltern Street Marylebone London W1U 6LY This exhibition presents 50 years of British art that is generated from strict procedures The artists make their work by following rules or by writing computer programs They range from system ndash based paintings and drawings to evolving computer generated images Fri, 12 Sep 2014 12:07:56 +1000 ICC times Media Art Chronology 1988 - 2013 ICC times amp 12513 amp 12487 amp 12451 amp 12450 amp 12539 amp 12450 amp 12540 amp 12488 amp 24180 amp 34920 amp 12371 amp 12398 amp 24180 amp 34920 amp 12391 amp 12399 amp 65292 amp 12513 amp 12487 amp 12451 amp 12450 amp 12539 amp 12450 amp 12540 amp 12488 amp 12434 amp 36600 amp 12395 amp 32232 amp 38598 amp 12373 amp 12428 amp 12383 amp 24180 amp 34920 amp 12392 amp 65292 ICC amp 12398 amp 36942 amp 21435 amp 12398 amp 27963 amp 21205 amp 12398 amp 20001 amp 26041 amp 12434 amp 35211 amp 12427 amp 12371 amp 12392 amp 12364 amp 12391 amp 12365 amp 12414 amp 12377 Tue, 05 Aug 2014 15:05:00 +1000 How do we create things together in a shared environment When critical thinking is at its strongest it often comes from exactly the sort of fluidity of practice that does run through Digital Revolution The London ndash based architect and artist Usman Haque has been creating innovative software products alongside interactive artworks for more than 15 years In 2007 he founded Pachube a global data ndash sharing network that anticipated by years the current buzz around big data and the internet of things In 2011 Pachube enabled hundreds of Japanese civilians to quickly and easily share weather and radiation data in the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster boosting monitoring and relief efforts Haque s Umbrellium team has produced a new artwork for Digital Revolution which takes up the entirety of The Pit the Barbican s subterranean theatre space Called Assemblance the piece allows about 25 people at a time to physically shape beams of light with their hands pushing and pulling them around the space ndash while also bumping into and potentially messing up the shapes created by other people Haque calls it a virtual reality but not in the sense of a purely digital realm It s there it s responding to you you can see it but as you try and approach it you can t actually feel it For me the idea is to question this distinction between the physical and the virtual The process is akin to building a sandcastle on the beach where you are building a structure that anyone else or the elements can destroy in a moment Assemblance attempts to answer the question How do we create things together in a shared environment where we can t always trust each other but we need to act together regardless This indeed is the situation we find ourselves in now In the modern digital world the question of participation is crucial as our various networks ndash social media national ndash require us to constantly mediate between acting as individuals and acting as a group For Haque the digital has given us the capacity to have an effect on the other side of the world almost instantaneously from news events and economic flows to disaster response and warfare We can do things to other people in distant lands and so the question of our responsibility and our culpability is thrown up in ways that it hasn t been before On the other hand we now have the capacity to connect with each other and develop new ways to work together rather than against each other Assemblance asks the audience to see itself as part of a networked whole where actions have consequences It also points towards the fact that the digital is not a medium but a context in which new social political and artistic forms arise After 50 years at least of digital practice institutions are still trying to work out its relevance and how to display and communicate it ndash a marker perhaps that it is indeed a form of art James Bridle 18 June 2014 The Guardian Fig 1 Assemblance a 3D interactive light field by Usman Haque and Dot Samsen from Umbrellium Photograph Umbrellium Thu, 19 Jun 2014 13:14:22 +1000 Digital Revolution an immersive exhibition of art design film music and videogames Exhibition Digital Revolution at The Barbican Centre London from 3rd July ndash 14th September 2014 Digital Revolution is the most comprehensive presentation of digital creativity ever to be staged in the UK This immersive and interactive exhibition brings together for the first time a range of artists filmmakers architects designers musicians and game developers all pushing the boundaries of their fields using digital media It also looks at the dynamic developments in the areas of creative coding and DIY culture and the exciting creative possibilities offered by augmented reality artificial intelligence wearable technologies and 3 ndash D printing Contribute to new commissions including Google s DevArt an installation by global music artist and entrepreneur will i am and artist Yuri Suzuki and works by artists Umbrellium Universal Everything Seeper and Susan Kare Mac Paint designer Experience Oscar ndash winning visual effects behind Christopher Nolan s Inception and Tim Webber s Gravity or go back in time to play classic videogames like Pacman and Space Invaders Chris Milk The Treachery of Sanctuary 2012 The Creators Project a partnership with Intel and VICE photography by Bryan Derballa Fri, 30 May 2014 13:30:30 +1000 Bruce Sterling afterglow effects and digital detritus Cypherpunk writer journalist and critic Bruce Sterling gives a talk on the future of digital culture and its seedy geo politics at the opening ceremony of transmediale 2014 afterglow January 29 2014 Introduction by Kristoffer Gansing Fri, 21 Mar 2014 16:20:26 +1000 Pierre H eacute bert Around Perception 1968 Around Perception is a groundbreaking experiment on computer ndash based animation consisting of 11 audiovisual events designed to baffle cognition and unrest comfortable notions of reality Unlike most of his later films H eacute bert chose not to collaborate with top ndash notch experimental musicians and created the soundtrack himself In this he followed a method also used by Norman McLaren to scratch sound directly onto the film itself The relation between sound and picture however is not as symbiotic as in McLaren s Synchromy although there are organic reactions between the two domains one is not a direct translation of the other This of course need not be seen as a weakness Indeed with its fast ndash paced changes of color and geometrical patterns and the employment of Columbia ndash like richly crafted electronic tones Around Perception works as a tremendously hallucinatory exercise in trompe l oeil and l oreille techniques Or as stated by H eacute bert himself at the beginning of the film an exercise for the mind and against the mind The Sound of Eye Fig 1 Around Perception Director Pierre H eacute bert Year 1968 Time 16 mins Music Pierre H eacute bert Thu, 06 Feb 2014 20:12:42 +1000 Goldsmiths Department of Art MA Computational Aesthetics Mon, 09 Dec 2013 17:56:30 +1000 The Public the gallery for the future to close When designs for The Public were first put forward in 1994 the gallery was intended to revitalise the community Some residents however saw the building as an extravagance and a waste of money Criticism steadily grew as the project ran into difficulties with debts rising and funding falling short The venue had to be rescued on more than one occasion by government grants or Arts Council funding Earlier this week Mr Cooper described the arts centre as a giant shoe box and said it should not have been built when it was by previous council leaders in his Labour group He said he had always had doubts privately about the building Since The Public opened however visitor numbers have steadily grown for theatre music and comedy performances as well as exhibitions BBC News 9 August 2013 Thu, 26 Sep 2013 17:50:36 +1000 Dinca a space for experimental film new media art and video art Fig 1 Directed by Max Hattler Sound and music Eduardo Noya Schreus Animation Matt Abbiss Tony Comley Valeria Fonseca Max Hattler Siobhan Mcelhinney Luiz Stockler Special Thanks to Sandra Sykorova Fri, 19 Jul 2013 09:26:10 +1000 ArtUp Media Art in Bulgaria Greece and Turkey ArtUP is a multilingual portal for media art in Bulgaria Greece and Turkey expresses the diversity of media art outlines current trends in and around media art fuels discussion about society processes and posts information about media art presents artists links up artists presents media artworks curates exhibitions initiates workshops ArtUP is a project of the Goethe ndash Instituts in Ankara Athens and Sofia Sat, 22 Jun 2013 13:56:18 +1000 Lillian Schwartz computer-mediated art pioneer Produced by Larry Keating for AT amp T THE ARTIST AND THE COMPUTER is an excellent introductory informational film that dispels some of the mystery of computer ndash art technology as it clarifies the necessary human input of integrity artistic sensibilities and aesthetics 8230 Ms Schwartz s voice over narration explains what she hoped to accomplish in the excerpts from a number of her films and gives insight into the artist s problems and decisions 8230 I would recommend THE ARTIST AND THE COMPUTER for all grade levels in classes on filmmaking art appreciation and human values ndash John Canemaker Film News Animation Jan ndash Feb 1978 Cine Golden Eagle 1976 New York Film Festival USIA ndash Animation and Education 1977 Annual Creative Problem Solving Institute 1980 Recent screening at the Museum of Modern Art New York December 10 2012 Thu, 25 Apr 2013 21:01:50 +1000 Constant Association for Art and Media an interdisciplinary arts-lab Constant works in ndash between media and art and is interested in the culture and ethics of the World Wide Web The artistic practice of Constant is inspired by the way that technological infrastructures data ndash exchange and software determine our daily life Free software copyright alternatives and cyber feminism are important threads running through the activities of Constant Constant organizes workshops print ndash parties walks and Verbindingen Jonctions ndash meetings on a regular basis for a public that s into experiments discussions and all kinds of exchanges Constant Sat, 09 Feb 2013 15:13:38 +1000 jodi org JODI has over the years built quite a reputation especially with their notorious CD ndash rom OSS Mediamatic Amsterdam 1998 which immediately after installation executes a takeover of the computer In 1999 their work was part of exhibitions like Netconditions at the ZKM at Karlsruhe The Allure of the Digitalat the Tate Gallery in London and the SONAR festival in Barcelona They were awarded a number of international prizes amongst which the Webby Awards in San Francisco JODI disposed of this prize immediately calling the DotCom ndash audience ugly commercial sons ndash of ndash bitches In the year 2000 JODI was present at several international group ndash exhibitions and festivals such as the Transmediale in Berlin and Deathmatch at Hangar in Barcelona Even an apparently obsolete medium like teletext did not escape JODI s interference In 2000 they released their unusual way of thinking on Page 379 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of this medium v2 nl Wed, 06 Feb 2013 16:21:20 +1000 Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art Named after the pioneering critic of the commercialization of mass media the late Professor Rose Goldsen of Cornell University the Archive was founded in 2002 by Timothy Murray to house international art work produced on CD ndash Rom DVD ndash Rom video digital interfaces and the internet Its collection of supporting materials includes unpublished manuscripts and designs catalogues monographs and resource guides to new media art Emphasizing multimedia artworks that reflect digital extensions of twentieth ndash century developments in cinema video installation photography and sound holdings include extensive special collections in American and Chinese new media arts significant online and offline holdings in internet art and the majority of works in the international exhibition Contact Zones The Art of CD ndash Rom A novel research archive of international significance the collection complements the holdings in the Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections of illuminated manuscripts and the early modern printed book and adds to the breadth of its important collections in human sexuality Asian Studies and Media Film and Music Cornell University Library Fri, 18 Jan 2013 17:23:50 +1000 engageLab engageLab is a laboratory at the intersection of arts and technology founded by researchers of two research centers recognized by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology the Centre for Communication and Society Studies and the Centre ALGORITMI engageLab Mon, 10 Dec 2012 15:35:35 +1000