Folksonomy | Experience Design is a structured repository of digital culture and creative practice. en-au Creative Commons License: (cc), Simon Perkins Mon, 14 Sep 2015 21:16:31 +1000 Mon, 14 Sep 2015 21:16:31 +1000 Constellations 2.0 60 Design for Action designing the immaterial artefact Throughout most of history design was a process applied to physical objects Raymond Loewy designed trains Frank Lloyd Wright designed houses Charles Eames designed furniture Coco Chanel designed haute couture Paul Rand designed logos David Kelley designed products including most famously the mouse for the Apple computer But as it became clear that smart effective design was behind the success of many commercial goods companies began employing it in more and more contexts High-tech firms that hired designers to work on hardware to say come up with the shape and layout of a smartphone began asking them to create the look and feel of user-interface software Then designers were asked to help improve user experiences Soon firms were treating corporate strategy making as an exercise in design Today design is even applied to helping multiple stakeholders and organizations work better as a system This is the classic path of intellectual progress Each design process is more complicated and sophisticated than the one before it Each was enabled by learning from the preceding stage Designers could easily turn their minds to graphical user interfaces for software because they had experience designing the hardware on which the applications would run Having crafted better experiences for computer users designers could readily take on nondigital experiences like patients hospital visits And once they learned how to redesign the user experience in a single organization they were more prepared to tackle the holistic experience in a system of organizations Tim Brown and Roger Martin 2015 Harvard Business Review A version of this article appeared in the September 2015 issue pp 56 ndash 64 of Harvard Business Review Mon, 14 Sep 2015 21:16:31 +1000 Universal DesignnO A The World Comfortable for All Fri, 27 Mar 2015 19:03:45 +1000 Facebook s Like and Share buttons designing for functional purpose Sun, 01 Feb 2015 16:19:25 +1000 AppSeed interactive prototypes from pen and paper sketches AppSeed lets you take your sketches and make them into functioning prototypes bridging the gap between pen paper and digital through computer vision It allows you to sketch your designs as you normally would and then manipulate your sketches directly on your phone Unlike similar products the use of computer vision speeds up the process and understands your sketches AppSeed can identify an enclosed space in your sketch allowing you to make it into a button input text map or another UI element Making your sketch into a functioning prototype running on your phone Thu, 23 Oct 2014 22:42:18 +1000 Describing social and material interactions through formal methods To some extent Formal Methods sit uneasily within interaction design Human beings are rich complex nuanced engaged in subtle and skilful social and material interactions reducing this to any sort of formal description seems at best simplistic And yet that is precisely what we have to do once we create any sort of digital system whether an iPhone or an elevator Angry Birds or Facebook software is embedded in our lives However much we design devices and products to meet users needs or enrich their experiences of life still the software inside is driven by the soulless precise and largely deterministic logic of code If you work with computers you necessarily work with formalism Formal Methods sit in this difficult nexus between logic and life precision and passion both highlighting the contradictions inherent in interaction design and offering tools and techniques to help understand and resolve them In fact anyone engaged in interaction design is likely to have used some kind of formal representation most commonly some sort of arrow and sketch diagram showing screens pages in an application and the movements between them While there are many more complex formal notations and methods these simple networks of screens and links demonstrate the essence of a formal representation Always some things are reduced or ignored the precise contents of screens whilst others are captured more faithfully the pattern of links between them This enables us to focus on certain aspects and understand or analyse those aspects using the representation itself for example notice that there are some very long interaction paths to quite critical screens Alan J Dix 2013 Dix Alan J 2013 Formal Methods In Soegaard Mads and Dam Rikke Friis eds The Encyclopedia of Human ndash Computer Interaction 2nd Ed Aarhus Denmark The Interaction Design Foundation Available online at https www interaction ndash design org encyclopedia formal methods html Thu, 23 Oct 2014 14:25:20 +1000 jQuery Mobile touch-friendly websites for browsers and devices jQuery Mobile is an example of the web living up to its promise of everyone having equal access to free and public content posted to the web regardless of the device they are using It isn t just for mobile it s mobile ndash first NOT mobile ndash only so it can be used as a base for responsive web design All those great touch ndash friendly form inputs and widgets are fully themeable and work great no matter what the device mobile or desktop Marc Grabanski 19 April 2013 Thu, 25 Jul 2013 14:11:13 +1000 Digital Shoreditch a digital and creativity tech festival Digital Shoreditch celebrates the outstanding creative technical and entrepreneurial talent of East London and Tech City We run monthly meetups an enormous annual festival of the most talented digital and technical creatives a comprehensive directory hackathons and more For Digital Shoreditch 2013 festival Monday 20th ndash Friday 31st May we ll have an awesome lineup of speakers for a week long workshop on everything happening in digital and tech we re turning the basement of Shoreditch Town Hall into an extraordinary digital playground and the incredible East London community will be sharing the love with a week of Open Studios meetups and events Sat, 25 May 2013 18:34:26 +1000 A history of play equipment design by theme and by designer Spielpl auml tze sind relevante Orte in der Stadt Diese Erkenntnis hat in der Zeit zwischen 1945 bis ca 1970 ein kleine Zahl von Architekten Landschaftsarchitekten und K uuml nstlern zu neuen Spielkonzepten inspiriert Die Seite architekturfuerkinder dokumentiert diese Pioniere und ihre Spielpl auml tze und Spielger auml te weil ihr Ideenreichtum Zivilcourage geistige Freiheit und Frechheit faszinieren Gabriela Burkhalter Mon, 15 Apr 2013 22:38:30 +1000 Younger Workers Need a Career Narrative In recent years much has been written about the importance of career narratives for mid ndash career and senior professionals particularly those making a career transition But we d argue they re even more important for younger professionals who don t yet have a multipage CV or a high ndash powered headhunter in their corner What then makes for an effective narrative First it should be easy to remember and retell The whole point is to give your colleagues a narrative that quickly comes to mind whenever they re asked about you preventing them from making assumptions and drawing conclusions on their own Two or four sentences maximum Second it should meaningfully link your past successes to your near and long ndash term development needs and suggest the kinds of assignments that would help to achieve those objectives Those goals might certainly be developmental to test a particular skill gain experience with a certain tool or methodology explore a specific industry But they can also be more personal limit travel to spend time with family for instance Think of it as a sound ndash bite resume ndash on hearing it senior professionals should have two reactions First they should be interested in working with you Second they should know if it makes sense for you to work with them Third your narrative needs to hang together with the right combination of honesty humility and personal flavor Doing so creates an authentic and compelling career narrative Narratives that just articulate a string of successes are not credible and are not likely to be repeated Similarly boilerplate chronicles without any personal flair rarely get traction Heidi K Gardner and Adam Zalisk 15 February 2013 Harvard Business Review Mon, 18 Mar 2013 12:22:04 +1000 Jakob Nielsen s Alertbox no longer rebelling against past excesses For 18 years Jakob Nielsen s Alertbox column was published on his useit com website This was a good run but it s now time to unify this content with the main Nielsen Norman Group website Thus the old Alertbox columns have now been moved from useit com to nngroup com and future columns will be published directly on nngroup com Even after the dot ndash com bubble burst there was a long period where the barebones useit com design stood out and elevated the site above many latecomer UX websites Cutting through the clutter is an important value on the web which has so much more information than anybody needs However eventually it makes less sense to rebel against the excesses of the past Also with almost 500 Alertbox columns published it became clear that more navigational apparatus was needed One solution could have been to redesign useit com to make it more like other sites But why bother If a big change was needed anyway it was better to use the opportunity to integrate the articles with the company information and host all the material on the same website with a single navigation structure and a single search So that s what we did no more microsite for the Alertbox The Nielsen Norman Group 31 December 2012 Wed, 13 Feb 2013 09:13:40 +1000 Designing the Bookshop of the Future What makes a good bookshop Should second ndash hand be in the mix too Is a caf eacute important How do you incorporate digital Foyles clarion call at the Bookseller s FutureBook conference in London last week seeks to answer some of these questions The retailer has joined forces with the Bookseller to invite customers and industry experts to help design its new flagship on Charing Cross Road which it will move into in early 2014 With discoverability of increasing importance the timing couldn t be more apposite Everyone is agreed that bricks and mortar bookshops are under threat but what elements are needed to make a physical bookstore survive in an increasingly digital world Foyles has to create something that gives people an experience said former London Book Fair Director Alistair Burtenshaw It has to be a destination store a shop in which people want to spend a considerable amount of time It has to be an environment that adds value When you make it a more personalized experience you are happy to pay more Roger Tagholm 12 December 2012 Mon, 17 Dec 2012 18:55:16 +1000 Immersive underwater experience for high school students The Virtual Reef is a life ndash sized marine ecosystem expanding across two levels of the new Science and Engineering Centre Multi ndash touch technologies enable the user to manipulate intimately explore and interact with the reef world specific behaviours and relationships Australia s leading marine science and interactive and visual design organisations QUT and the Queensland Museum bring knowledge and research of the underwater world to your fingertips through multi ndash touch screens and projectors Users will have the opportunity to go beyond the cinematic experience and interact with the marine world Each interaction has associated content designed to complement the aims of the National Curriculum and provide an exploratory learning experience Jeff Jones the Cube QUT Fig 1 The Virtual Reef project team Professor Jeff Jones Cube Project Leader Associate Professor Michael Docherty Project Leader Warwick Mellow Principal Animator Art Director Joti Carroll Paul Gaze Sean Gobey Ben Alldridge Sophia Carroll Sherwin Huang Bryce Christensen Mon, 17 Dec 2012 09:29:38 +1000 Plug and play the new purpose of physical consumer space an effective physical connection is still absolutely imperative to brand success Rather than assuming that the physical space is being hindered by the growth of digital activity brands and designers are beginning to embrace the newer channels where consumers are choosing to spend their time and deliver a physical environment that adds value around these Get the basic understanding of the new purpose of the physical space right and the physical manifestation of the design will boom from there The key is to design interiors that can respond and morph with social and cultural shifts so that the spaces become a form of cultural commentary adding value to the popular activities of today s audiences Above all interior design must be approached in a way that ensures that the brand communicates a relevant message through this critical channel This can be achieved by considering and responding to three key topics cultural relevance social context and technology integration Lucy Johnston Design Week Fig The Anthropologist iloveretail com Mon, 10 Dec 2012 18:10:28 +1000 Yahoo IP lawsuit We patented Facebook s entire social network model Facebook s entire social network model which allows users to create profiles for and connect with among other things persons and businesses is based on Yahoo s patented social networking technology Yahoo claims in the lawsuit filed yesterday in US District Court in Northern California Prior to adopting Yahoo s patented social networking technology in 2008 Facebook was considered one of the worst performing Internet sites for advertising Facebook s use of that social networking model has reportedly dramatically driven up Facebook s advertising click through rates Nearly all the technology that makes Facebook successful is based on Yahoo patents the company further states For much of the technology upon which Facebook is based Yahoo got there first and was therefore granted patents by the United States Patent Office to protect those innovations Yahoo s patents relate to cutting edge innovations in online products including in messaging news feed generation social commenting advertising display preventing click fraud and privacy controls Yahoo alleged in its court filing These innovations dramatically improve user experience privacy and security and enhance the ability of advertisers to connect with users Jon Brodkin 13 March 2012 Ars Technica Sat, 14 Jul 2012 11:53:22 +1000 Interaction-Design org Making research accessible since 2002 The Interaction ndash Design org Foundation is a labour of love founded by Mads Soegaard in 2002 and in 2010 his wife Rikke Dam joined the project Apart from Rikke and Mads hundreds of people have helped out and continue to do so We re on a mission to make free and open educational materials There are so many great minds in the Human ndash Computer Interaction and Interaction Design community and we want to empower these authors to reach all their interested readers around the world We believe these authors have the minds to change the world and deserve a publishing venue truly designed for the author and the reader not the publisher and the profit Mads Soegaard and Rikke Dam fig 1 Interview with Dag Svanaes by Mads Soegaard and Rikke Dam 2011 Video Philosophy of Interaction Video 2 ndash Guiding Principles of Interaction Design derived from Heidegger Retrieved 15 June 2012 from http www interaction ndash design org tv Philosophy of Interaction Video2 Guiding Principles of Interaction Design derived from Heidegger html Fri, 15 Jun 2012 21:20:42 +1000