Folksonomy | Explicit Meaning is a structured repository of digital culture and creative practice. en-au Creative Commons License: (cc), Simon Perkins Tue, 29 Oct 2013 00:09:43 +1000 Tue, 29 Oct 2013 00:09:43 +1000 Constellations 2.0 60 Creating a Technical Specification A technical specification is a document that defines a set of requirements that a product or assembly must meet or exceed A product or assembly that does not meet all of the specifically expressed requirements does not meet the specification and often is referred to as being out of specification or out of spec Specifications are used when a contract for technical products or services is issued The technical specification defines the requirements to fulfill the contract WikiHow Tue, 29 Oct 2013 00:09:43 +1000 Complex representations not simple quantified measurement Primarily because of its association with achievements in the physical sciences quantified measurement seems a step toward enhanced precision But precision as understood here means more than reliability and validity it also requires appropriately complex representation of the target construct In phenomenological terms precision refers to the distinctiveness that fosters reliability the coherence that assures validity and the richness that is appropriate to the targeted phenomenon First distinctiveness is the extent to which a phenomenon is discriminable from others Judgments about distinctiveness require more than explicit e g operational definitions They require the capacity to anticipate attributes that remain implicit in even the most explicitly conceived phenomenon and on the basis of those implicit meanings to consistently verify that phenomenon s presence or absence Second coherence is the extent to which judgments about the attribute structure of a particular phenomenon are congruent Short of logical entailment but beyond associative contingency judgments about coherence require consideration of both the explicit and implicit meanings of the attribute structure they describe Third richness is the extent to which judgments about a phenomenon capture its complexity and intricacy Richness entails full differentiation of a phenomenon s attributes identification of its attribute structure and appreciation of its structural incongruities Don Kuiken and David Miall 2001 4 profiles and the ideal prototype This numeric assessment of degree involves profiles of attributes rather than individual attributes Although we appreciate the potential importance of the latter see note 3 we have not attempted to address the analytic problems that arise from the combination of nominal and ordinal variables in estimates of profile similarity It should be noted however that some available software facilitates the assessment of ordinal information during attribute identification cf KUCKARTZ 1995 WEITZMAN amp MILES 1995 The possibility of coordinating ordinal and nominal attribute judgments deserves further consideration Kuiken Don amp Miall David S 2001 Numerically Aided Phenomenology Procedures for Investigating Categories of Experience 68 paragraphs Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung Forum Qualitative Social Research 2 1 Art 15 http nbn ndash resolving de urn nbn de 0114 ndash fqs0101153 Sat, 16 Mar 2013 21:47:56 +1000