Folksonomy | Analogue Correspondence is a structured repository of digital culture and creative practice. en-au Creative Commons License: (cc), Simon Perkins Fri, 17 Jul 2015 19:06:47 +1000 Fri, 17 Jul 2015 19:06:47 +1000 Constellations 2.0 60 With Oui dance performance using live audio and algorithmic flocking The narrative of the piece develops around human communication and mutually supportive relationships A bright object in the middle of the stage acts as source of knowledge and connecting link between the dancers This object contains inside a motion sensor a Wiimote controller and is used in specific moments by the dancers as a performative object to manipulate audio With Oui ndash May 2015 B Iden Payne Theater UT Austin ndash Texas Choreography Billie Secular Ladonna Matchett Sound Eli Fieldsteel Live Visuals Rodrigo Carvalho Lighting Designer Ya-Tai Chung Dancers Zach Khoo Kelsey Oliver Gianina Casale Nick Kao D rsquo Lonte Lawson and Sam O Fri, 17 Jul 2015 19:06:47 +1000 PomPom Mirror a camera-based interaction artwork Rozin s anthropomorphic PomPom Mirror features a synchronized array of 928 spherical faux fur puffs Organized into a three-dimensional grid of beige and black the sculpture is controlled by hundreds of motors that build silhouettes of viewers using computer-vision Along its surface figures appear as fluffy animal-like representations within the picture plane which is made permeable by a push-pull forward and backward motion of meshed pixels Ghostly traces fade and emerge as the motorized composition hums in unified movement seemingly alive and breathing as a body of its own Daniel Rozin PomPom Mirror 2015 928 faux fur pom poms 464 motors control electronics video camera custom software microcontroller wooden armature 48 x 48 x 18 in 121 9 x 121 9 x 45 7 cm Wed, 10 Jun 2015 23:04:07 +1000 Brisbane back from the future Have you ever wondered what Brisbane looked like before white settlement Have you ever wanted to know what s under all that concrete Brisbanite Brett Leavy can help with that as he develops a role-playing game RPG that simulates the lives of the tribes that once populated our city His game will use topographical data and 3D modelling to allow you to explore almost photo-realistic simulations of the CBD South Bank West End Fortitude Valley Bowen Hills Woolloongabba and other Brisbane suburbs as they appeared before white settlement He recently demonstrated the game at the launch of the PIVOTAL Summit which will bring together world leaders in spatial information technology sustainability climate change and governance in Brisbane next month Rohan Williams 11 May 2015 bmag Tue, 12 May 2015 22:13:10 +1000 Universal DesignnO A The World Comfortable for All Fri, 27 Mar 2015 19:03:45 +1000 Interactive installation created by Brother System for the Centre Commercial Les Rives de l Orne launch 2013 Sun, 01 Feb 2015 10:55:29 +1000 Soundweaving playing traditional Hungarian folk embroidery At the core of the Soundweaving project is the traditional cross ndash stitching pattern used in Hungarian folk embroidery transformed into sound by a punch card comb music player The cross ndash stitch pattern of holes on the tape in the musical box were punched by the creator Zsanett Szirmay In this case the punched tape acts as the score Embroidered shirts and pillows from the Transylvanian Bukovina and from Kalotaszeg and Hungary served as a basis for the patterns As part of the transformation embroidery patterns turned into laser cut textile pieces and cross ndash stitched patterns into melodies Soundweaving equally stimulates all senses and calls for interaction The project uses multiple media and communicates on diverse planes combining the borderlands of folk art design and music It belongs to the analogue and digital realms at the same time as the handmade embroidery is translated into laser cut patterns At the same time the visual world is presented in audio or rather the graphic aspect of music gets a role in developing the tunes B aacute lint T aacute rk aacute ny ndash Kov aacute cs folk musician and composer was instrumental in the audio mapping and developing the tunes Rita M aacute ria Halasi Moholy ndash Nagy M amp 369 v eacute szeti Egyetem 2014 Sun, 25 Jan 2015 10:09:31 +1000 Ultra low-fi Quake demake for analogue oscilloscope Programmer Pekka V auml auml n auml nen has rendered a playable version of the classic first ndash person shooter Quake on an oscilloscope Video game demakes ndash adaptations or ports that recreate a game in art styles or on hardware from before their time ndash have become trendy in recent years but this demo is a particularly old ndash fashioned throwback In 1958 physicist William Higinbotham created one of the first video games a tennis simulation that ran on a Donner Model 30 analog computer and an oscilloscope display That game used dots on a 2D plane V auml auml n auml nen s creation draws the shooter s 3D space in a style reminiscent of a high school student s sketch book Chris Plante 29 December 2014 Wed, 31 Dec 2014 10:06:45 +1000 An Informal Catalogue of Slit-Scan Video Artworks and Research Slitscan imaging techniques are used to create static images of time ndash based phenomena In traditional film photography slit scan images are created by exposing film as it slides past a slit ndash shaped aperture In the digital realm thin slices are extracted from a sequence of video frames and concatenated into a new image Recently I ve seen many new ndash media projects based on slit ndash scan techniques They range from student projects to Java demonstrations on the Processing org site to works by recognized pioneers of video and interactive art My inclination to make lists is irresistible and so I ve put together this catalogue as an aid to researchers and students My aim is to be as inclusive as possible rather than attempt to winnow the projects down to just a few ideal exemplars or the most significant historic precursors Thus not all of the examples are even computational some of the projects described below use motion ndash picture film still photography or analog video techniques Golan Levin Compiled by Golan Levin Begun 1 March 2005 Last edit 17 July 2010 Wed, 17 Dec 2014 22:14:53 +1000 In cognitive linguistics metaphors are not simply stylistic devices but processes which enable understanding through the mapping of source domains onto target domains The conception of metaphor in cognitive linguistics contradicts the conception of metaphor in literary studies in fundamental ways Metaphor is not a stylistic device but an experiential and cognitive process in which we use properties relations and entities that characterize one domain of experience and or knowledge source domain to understand think plan and talk about a second domain target domain that is different in kind from the first 7 According to CMT conceptual metaphor theory source domains come from everyday bodily perception and movement They are grounded in embodied experience grounding hypothesis Source domains are needed to make sense of target domains By definition a conceptual metaphor is a unidirectional mapping across cognitive domains The mappings are tightly structured and structure from a source domain is partially mapped onto a target domain The mapping is highly selective as there are ontological correspondences according to which entities in the source domain agents objects trajectories and so forth systematically correspond to entities in the target domain The point is that we do not copy structure from SD source domains to TD target domains but we import whole sets of knowledge inferences entailments from the source domain into the target domain The mapping does not work according to an arbitrary rule but it is a tightly packed highly selective and constrained process that allows us to reason about abstract domains 7 Alexandra Jandausch 2012 7 Lakoff George 1997 Women Fire and Dangerous Things What Categories Reveal about the Mind Chicago University of Chicago Press Jandausch A 2012 Conceptual Metaphor Theory and the Conceptualization of Music 5th International Conference of Students of Systematic Musicology Montreal Canada Fig 1 The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation Passive Smoking Shotgun http adsoftheworld com media print the roy castle lung cancer foundation passive smoking shotgun The source domain in the following image refers to the concept of a shotgun which through its mapping onto the target domain of the cigarettes communicates the idea that smoking kills Sun, 16 Nov 2014 11:54:26 +1000 Oasis a virtual pond of synthetic life forms A surface covered with black sand turns into a pool full of life when people grab and remove a handful of sand away In this micro ndash world virtual creatures are born live and perish They recognize their spatial boundaries and obstacles of living and respond to peoples touch in various ways A real ndash time computer vision engine has been developed to interpret the physical status of diverse materials of the installation The program populates creatures with various characteristics and controls their behaviors in real ndash time A swarm intelligence has been implemented to simulate the flocking behaviors of the creatures and their life ndash like motions The Oasis is not a device invented for people to use It s a playful space where people feel nature find life forms interact with and create virtual worlds It elicits peoples basic instincts to touch natural materials Yunsil Heo and Hyunwoo Bang Fri, 14 Nov 2014 17:33:39 +1000 fluid speculative proposal for a touch-friendly interface Imagine surfaces start to communicate with you Your mobile gets goose skin when your lover texts you Your WiFi controller changes the look and feel of it s surface according to different game situations Your sofa gives you a short massage as a warm welcome when you return home from a hard day of work Your laptop feels dried out when battery status is getting low fluid is a concept study of an interacting changing surface While getting Input from the hands of its spectators it s surface changes from liquid to solid from plain to three ndash dimensional symmetric patterns It provokes you to get in touch with it to play with it s open interface and to collaborate with other people to find out how far you can push it This object was the result of the two week project raquo Talk to me ndash Form follows mood laquo supervised by Prof Andreas Muxel at KISD K ouml ln International School of Design Hannes Kalk 2013 Fri, 14 Nov 2014 17:01:17 +1000 Bartholom auml us Traubeck A record player that plays slices of wood A tree s year rings are analysed for their strength thickness and rate of growth This data serves as basis for a generative process that outputs piano music It is mapped to a scale which is again defined by the overall appearance of the wood ranging from dark to light and from strong texture to light texture The foundation for the music is certainly found in the defined ruleset of programming and hardware setup but the data acquired from every tree interprets this ruleset very differently Bartholom auml us Traubeck A record player that plays slices of wood Year ring data is translated into music 2011 Modified turntable computer vvvv camera acrylic glass veneer approx 90x50x50 cm Thanks to Land Salzburg Schmiede Pro ndash ject Audio Rohol Furniere Karla Spiluttini Ivo Francx Christoph Freidh ouml fer vvvv Fri, 31 Oct 2014 22:53:56 +1000 Describing social and material interactions through formal methods To some extent Formal Methods sit uneasily within interaction design Human beings are rich complex nuanced engaged in subtle and skilful social and material interactions reducing this to any sort of formal description seems at best simplistic And yet that is precisely what we have to do once we create any sort of digital system whether an iPhone or an elevator Angry Birds or Facebook software is embedded in our lives However much we design devices and products to meet users needs or enrich their experiences of life still the software inside is driven by the soulless precise and largely deterministic logic of code If you work with computers you necessarily work with formalism Formal Methods sit in this difficult nexus between logic and life precision and passion both highlighting the contradictions inherent in interaction design and offering tools and techniques to help understand and resolve them In fact anyone engaged in interaction design is likely to have used some kind of formal representation most commonly some sort of arrow and sketch diagram showing screens pages in an application and the movements between them While there are many more complex formal notations and methods these simple networks of screens and links demonstrate the essence of a formal representation Always some things are reduced or ignored the precise contents of screens whilst others are captured more faithfully the pattern of links between them This enables us to focus on certain aspects and understand or analyse those aspects using the representation itself for example notice that there are some very long interaction paths to quite critical screens Alan J Dix 2013 Dix Alan J 2013 Formal Methods In Soegaard Mads and Dam Rikke Friis eds The Encyclopedia of Human ndash Computer Interaction 2nd Ed Aarhus Denmark The Interaction Design Foundation Available online at https www interaction ndash design org encyclopedia formal methods html Thu, 23 Oct 2014 14:25:20 +1000 Ototo bespoke musical instruments with pocket-sized circuit board Ototo ndash a pocket ndash sized circuit board in the mold of the Arduino and MaKey MaKey that was was designed to be a musical invention kit and helps kids build bespoke electronic instruments without writing a line of code or burning a single finger on a soldering iron It can play music out of the box with the 12 black and white triangles acting like piano keys and a surface ndash mounted speaker emitting sound but it s killer application is the ability to create outlandish orchestras by connecting it to funky objects with alligator clips Plants become percussive instruments sauce pans become a drum set and even simple pencil sketches can produce unique sounds when tapped Joseph Flaherty 22 October 2013 Wired Fri, 03 Oct 2014 15:49:33 +1000 Eduardo Paolozzi Turkische Musik 1974 Eduardo Paolozzi s work often as in the T uuml rkische Musik series may be printed in different color schemes or on different papers All these elements combine to suggest that the image is often discovered in the act of creating it the artist s role is integrally balanced between active calculation and chance No longer confined to a single plan the artist ndash printmaker and his work signify an exciting new order of print ndash making one in which technological expertise becomes a useful vehicle for personal expression Georgette Lee 1986 Precision of Image Technology in Printed Art 20 April ndash 7 September 1986 The Joe and Emily Lowe Art Gallery at Syracuse University in Syracuse Mon, 04 Aug 2014 22:47:00 +1000