Folksonomy | Design Graduates is a structured repository of digital culture and creative practice. en-au Creative Commons License: (cc), Simon Perkins Fri, 07 Feb 2014 11:14:47 +1000 Fri, 07 Feb 2014 11:14:47 +1000 Constellations 2.0 60 Advice on preparing your art and design creative portfolio A portfolio is a collection of your work which shows how your skills and ideas have developed over a period of time It demonstrates your creativity personality abilities and commitment and helps us to evaluate your potential University of the Arts London 2013 Videos include What is a portfolio Preparing a digital Portfolio Preparing a portfolio Why is a portfolio important What should be in a portfolio Applying to MA Applying to BA Applying to foundation Fri, 07 Feb 2014 11:14:47 +1000 Prime Cuts London s Annual Motion Arts Festival Prime Cuts is unique graduate motion arts organisation which is focused on supporting students of moving image in the UK through events festivals work placement opportunities national screenings press articles and free advice The 2013 festival was our first venture with New Designers Europe s leading graduate design show The festival was a great success and we are all very happy to have found a new home with New Designers This originally appeared here http www primecuts org uk however this URL now points to somewhere quite unrelated Fri, 29 Nov 2013 15:48:52 +1000 PATHWAYS AND GATEWAYS the structure and regulation of UK architectural education Architectural education has proved to be a valuable part of UK higher education in the last fifty years and it has developed a strong international reputation for excellence in both teaching and research The recent changes to higher education funding and the changing nature of professional practice have contributed to an evolving environment for UK architectural education where flexibility and innovation are increasingly important factors for continuing success Revisions to the European Union requirements for architectural education are also contributing to this changing and uncertain environment It has become clear to many of those most closely involved in UK architectural education that if the sector is to continue to develop and flourish some change in its regulatory framework is required in order that adequate responses can evolve and be encouraged The title of the report refers to the principal elements of the regulatory framework The term pathway is used to describe the route taken to registration and the term gateway is used to describe thresholds through which candidates must pass in order to gain entry into the profession This preliminary report seeks to summarise the context in which UK architectural education operates and to suggest proposals for reform which can hopefully gather support across the full spectrum of stakeholders The intention of the Review Group is to publish a final report by October 2013 The UK Architectural Education Review Group April 2013 Sat, 29 Jun 2013 21:52:17 +1000 New Designers an annual showcase for UK graduate designers New Designers will bring you face to face with the next generation of design leaders Every year it helps thousands of graduates to launch their career at the spectacular Business Design Centre in London the world s capital of design With its longstanding reputation for bringing young design talent and business together New Designers works with prestigious forward thinking innovative companies and organisations New Designers takes place at the Business Design Centre a venue with rich history and a strong connection to the design world It has launched over 100 000 New Designers into the professional world with many becoming world famous design icons Sun, 23 Jun 2013 11:07:27 +1000 The backstory for the D amp AD awards showcase 1962 A group of designers and art directors come together to celebrate creative communication and raise standards within their industry Amongst the group are David Bailey Terence Donovan and Alan Fletcher yes it was that cool They call themselves British Design amp Art Direction and the following year they organise their first Awards event And they are picky From 2500 entries they select just 16 pieces of work to receive the soon to be coveted Yellow Pencil 2011 and British Design amp Art Direction has grown mightily but slimmed down its name Now D amp AD its members represent the creative design and advertising communities not just in Britain but worldwide Sun, 23 Jun 2013 10:50:52 +1000 Creativepool networking resource for the UK creative community Creativepool connects people through the things they make and the work they share We pride ourselves on understanding what makes the creative community tick and invest in the ongoing development of new and useful tools and features to help creative professionals create inspire and connect Creativepool Ltd UK Sun, 21 Apr 2013 20:16:14 +1000 Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication contextual studies and enterprise and entrepreneurship The adaptability necessary to succeed as a design or media specialist comes not only from deep disciplinary knowledge Graduates also need a breadth of knowledge and skills which some commentators have referred to as being T ndash Shaped These additional skills include the ability to work with and increasingly work across disciplines entrepreneurial attitudes and a knowledge of the business contexts in which they will operate All undergraduate Ravensbourne programmes incorporate curriculum and learning activities designed to develop these skills in our students Cross ndash disciplinary collaborative projects offer students the opportunity to work in teams with other disciplines The course structure draws on the creative synergies and frictions of the different disciplines at Ravensbourne and provides physical and intellectual opportunities for students to meet learn and work together with students from different disciplines Ravensbourne UK Mon, 05 Nov 2012 12:58:08 +1000 Arts Thread a social media site for design creatives ARTS THREAD media has been created as a social enterprise an online educational tool designed to connect students graduates universities and industry exclusively within the field of design Alex Brownless Mon, 22 Oct 2012 15:43:45 +1000 open output design student portfolio site open output is an online community which allows students of design and architecture to create their own personal portfolio websites free of charge The platform makes the work of young talent from all over the world visible to wider public The works on open output would otherwise probably never have been published open output offers students the opportunity to present themselves as designers and architects in a strong network The power of students as well as educational institutions of design and architecture throughout the world are promoted to the general public by open output Output Foundation Fri, 13 Jul 2012 11:07:32 +1000 Start JudgeGill UK Start Academy Grad Programme Are you ready to be part of our golden generation We ve built a new agency that blurs the line between the physical and the interactive Now we re looking for exceptional people to work in multi ndash disciplinary teams creating experiences that make them and us famous We need supremely skilled Designers Developers Strategists Copywriters Account Handlers and Producers If that s you then there s a place in our graduate academy to define your career and craft in this connected world Closing date for the July intake is Friday 13th July Start JudgeGill UK Mon, 09 Jul 2012 13:55:27 +1000 Creative Contexts work placements This site is part of the Higher Education Academy supported Creative Contexts Work placements peer learning and professional practice in the creative industries Teaching Development project The Creative Contexts website hosts short videos exploring work placements in the media creative industries and foregrounds student stories and questions Contributions from students of 3 minutes videos sit alongside employer perspectives and advice from educators Themes covered include Identifying and securing work placements insights into working with others activities undertaken how work placement experiences connect together challenges encountered and response and feelings and experiences of fitting in Daniel Ashton Fig 1 Creative Contexts poster Tue, 08 May 2012 14:10:20 +1000 Butcher s Hook three students repurpose an old London butcher s shop to establish their design studio Butcher s Hook is or perhaps that should be will be a three ndash member design studio and gallery based in an old butcher s shop in London s Portobello The studio has been formed by Benio Urbanowicz James Coltman Josh Blanchett and Dan Jones students from Kingston and LLC all of whom graduate this summer In order to introduce themselves to the local populace Butcher s Hook set up a digital display using an old Nintendo Wii remote custom made Infa ndash Red yellow pencils a wireless doorbell a printer and a few extra ingredients We gave away free art made by the user themselves with the option to receive a digital copy sent to them they say We had a great weekend where over 150 people got involved through their own choice and every single one went home to find our business cards printed on the back of their own masterpiece As well as launching their studio Butcher s Hook has also entered the project into the D amp AD Student Awards in response to the brief Make Your Mark Posted by Creative Review 4 April 2012 16 13 Tue, 17 Apr 2012 22:29:41 +1000 Another Graphic Design Graduate So Much Left to Learn Butcher s Hook is a design studio in London s Portobello formed by soon ndash to ndash be graduates of Kingston University and LCC in response to a D amp AD brief in which students are encouraged to Make Their Mark It was featured on Creative Review s blog this morning http www creativereview co uk cr ndash blog 2012 april butchers ndash hook ndash say ndash hello By providing design for the local community with a pledge to spend at least 10 of their time working on community projects the students have started their own design agency and they haven t even left college yet Whilst Creative Review seem impressed by the students ambitious move away from the computer screen to find their own work it is clear these graduates haven t ventured into industry yet Whilst I am happy to celebrate the initiative and drive that these students clearly have and I do not deny their talent and bravery I am rather cynical of its potential With 6 months experience I am struggling to find a job in London and like many graduates have considered setting out on my own What has prevented me from doing anything more than mildly pondering over the thought is my lack of knowledge and experience Working on your own or in a small team requires flawless Mac computer skills impeccable design skills and not to mention bravery and confidence It is also worth considering that client liaison skills can not be forged over night and the time and attention this occupies should not be underestimated I once worked with an agency that was not much more than a year old and I didn t see them design anything all week The agency was made up of just the two of them and whilst their work is impressive and their client list respectable they spent almost the entire day liaising with clients organising the next week s schedule and discussing production Whilst I have nothing good in terms of design to show from that placement I can t deny I came out much more knowledgeable and more certain that I wasn t ready for that yet The two of them had at least 8 years experience from a top London design agency which not only prepared them for production and project management alongside design but no doubt aided their client list too For me The Butcher s Hook epitomises what is wrong with graduates University teaches ideas a little in the way of typographic principle and basic Adobe operation skills Most importantly university teaches arrogance It wasn t until I started my first placement I realised how little I actually knew Idealistic tutors cherish the students naivete and love for design and keep from them what the reality is like My biggest fear about starting out on my own would be the lack of good projects which is something well ndash established agencies can provide you with On your own a new and unreliable studio you lack the knowledge and experience that can get you good clients with impressive budgets Low budget work can be dull to design and the project management and client liaison can become stressful Designing on a budget is harder Students only design ideas and don t often have to worry about the production costs and client needs I would be interested to see what local community work these graduates get at Butcher s Hook and whether they have the stamina and love for design to keep it going I wish them good luck but wouldn t encourage other graduates to do the same Never underestimate how much you have left to learn anonymous 5 April 2012 Fri, 13 Apr 2012 14:26:04 +1000 Business incubator newSplash Communication Design Studio The newSplash studio bridges the gap between design education and the workforce by employing students and graduate designers from the Otago Polytechnic in our real ndash life studio Then we connect them with you Otago Polytechnic Aotearoa New Zealand Fig 1 Video showing samples of the film work created by newSplash Communication Design Studio which is located at Otago Polytechnic Sun, 25 Mar 2012 12:56:08 +1000 Women in technology Limor Fried Limor Fried was the sort of third ndash grader who took apart VCRs for fun Gradually she discovered that a hobby could become a degree ndash ndash a bachelor s and then a master s in electrical engineering and computer science at MIT Finally she discovered it could become a business During her student years Fried would post photographs and detailed instructions of her latest experiments in hardware hacking First she built an audience and then a company Adafruit Industries Fried s approach is sometimes called open ndash source hardware ndash ndash similar to open ndash source software but instead of the source code being open and malleable the source materials are Is there something anti ndash corporate in the way that she likes to encourage the hacking of consumer products Absolutely not I m totally a staunch capitalist she says She just thinks hardware hacking is good business Adafruit has become something of a business incubator itself inspiring others to start similar businesses David Zax Fast Company Sat, 10 Dec 2011 13:07:52 +1000