Folksonomy | Publishing is a structured repository of digital culture and creative practice. en-au Creative Commons License: (cc), Simon Perkins Wed, 03 Sep 2014 10:49:19 +1000 Wed, 03 Sep 2014 10:49:19 +1000 Constellations 2.0 60 Umberto Eco The Virtual Imagination But many internet programs suggest that a story is enriched by successive contributions 8230 This has sometimes happened in the past without disturbing authorship With the Commedia dell arte every performance was different We cannot identify a single work due to a single author Another example is a jazz jam session We may believe there is a privileged performance of Basin Street Blues because a recording survives But there were as many Basin Street Blues as there were performances There are books that we cannot rewrite because their function is to teach us about Necessity and only if they are respected as they are can they provide us with such wisdom Their repressive lesson is indispensable to reach a higher state of intellectual and moral freedom Umberto Eco 7 November 2000 Wed, 03 Sep 2014 10:49:19 +1000 Canadian MOOC pioneers George Siemens and Stephen Downes Dr Siemens along with Stephen Downes senior researcher at the National Research Council years earlier had launched what is widely recognized as the first MOOC in 2008 It was a course on learning theory offered through the University of Manitoba where Dr Siemens then taught Rosanna Tamburri 12 February 2014 University Affairs Sun, 30 Mar 2014 19:34:52 +1000 100 Years of Design Manifestos Since the days of radical printer ndash pamphleteers design and designers have a long history of fighting for what s right and working to transform society The rise of the literary form of the manifesto also parallels the rise of modernity and the spread of letterpress printing The original list was largely drawn from Mario Piazza s presentation at the Pi ugrave Design Pu ograve conference in Florence though I ve edited and added to it I ve also incorporated links where I was able to find them John Emerson 22 July 2009 Social Design Notes Thu, 30 Jan 2014 20:23:46 +1000 Digital Bolex 16mm Filmmaking Goes Digital Most film students now use DSLRs But for those who want a digital tool to produce more film ndash like images Bolex ndash one of the classic 16mm camera makers ndash recently started shipping a digital 16mm ndash equivalent video camera that s fully compatible with the most desirable vintage C ndash mount lenses The new Bolex camera dubbed the D16 doesn t just sport a retro look Its Kodak ndash produced CCD sensor is very close to Super 16 ndash sized which is uncommon in modern cameras Even better that sensor shoots in RAW at 32 frames per second at a resolution of 2048x1152 pixels Every uncompressed frame should be sharp as opposed to the compressed footage even full ndash frame DSLRs produce Plus the Super 16 ndash sized sensor means that the D16 can use C ndash mount lenses without any crop factor The camera is being produced under the name Digital Bolex but it s actually a joint venture between the original manufacturer Bolex International S A and Cinemeridian Inc a young company of digital wizards that was formed to bring this idea to fruition Kif Leswing 11 December 2013 Wired com Thu, 12 Dec 2013 09:25:18 +1000 UK Media Communication and Cultural Studies Association MeCCSA is the subject association for the field of media communication and cultural studies in UK Higher Education Membership is open to all who teach and research these subjects in HE institutions via either institutional or individual membership The field includes film and TV studies media production journalism radio photography creative writing publishing interactive media and the web and it includes higher education for media practice as well as for media studies Thu, 17 Oct 2013 12:24:46 +1000 Issuu a digital self-publishing platform Issuu is the world s fastest growing digital publishing platform Millions of avid readers come to Issuu every day to read free publications created by enthusiastic publishers from all over the globe Issuu s publishers include the biggest names in fashion lifestyle art sports and global affairs We re also host to a prominent range of independent publishers utilizing the vast Issuu network to reach new fans every day Wed, 16 Oct 2013 17:37:07 +1000 Print is Flat Code is Deep The Importance of Media-Specific Analysis Many critics see the electronic age as heralding the end of books I think this view is mistaken Books are far too robust reliable long ndash lived and versatile to be rendered obsolete by digital media Rather digital media have given us an opportunity we have not had for the last several hundred years the chance to see print with new eyes and with that chance the possibility of understanding how deeply literary theory and criticism have been imbued with assumptions specific to print As we continue to work toward critical practices and theories appropriate for electronic literature we may come to renewed appreciation for the specificity of print In the tangled web of medial ecology change anywhere in the system stimulates change everywhere in the system Books are not going the way of the dinosaur but the way of the human changing as we change mutating and evolving in ways that will continue as a book lover said long ago to teach and delight Katherine Hayles 2004 Katherine Hayles 2004 Print is Flat Code is Deep The Importance of Media ndash Specific Analysis Poetics Today Volume 25 Number 1 Spring 2004 pp 67 ndash 90 Thu, 15 Aug 2013 09:38:27 +1000 The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore Inspired in equal measures by Hurricane Katrina Buster Keaton The Wizard of Oz and a love for books Morris Lessmore is a story of people who devote their lives to books and books who return the favor The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore is a poignant humorous allegory about the curative powers of story Using a variety of techniques miniatures computer animation 2D animation award ndash winning author illustrator William Joyce and Co ndash director Brandon Oldenburg present a hybrid style of animation that harkens back to silent films and M ndash G ndash M Technicolor musicals Morris Lessmore is old ndash fashioned and cutting edge at the same time Mon, 22 Jul 2013 12:43:21 +1000 Can Histories Be True Narrativism Positivism and the MetaphoricalTurn Narrativism as represented by Hayden White and Frank Ankersmit can fruitfully be analyzed as an inversion of two brands of positivism First narrativist epistemology can be regarded as an inversion of empiricism Its thesis that narratives function as metaphors which do not possess a cognitive content is built on an empiricist picture view of knowledge Moreover all the non ndash cognitive aspects attributed as such are dependent on this picture theory of knowledge and a picture theory of representation Most of the epistemological characteristics that White and Ankersmit attribute to historical narratives therefore share the problems of this picture theory The article s second thesis is that the theories of narrative explanation can also fruitfully be analyzed as inversions of positivist covering ndash law theory Ankersmit s brand of narrativism is the most radical in this respect because it posits an opposition between narrative and causal modes of comprehension while simultaneously eliminating causality from narrativist historical understanding White s brand of narrativism is more of a hybrid than is Ankersmit s as far as its theory of explanation is concerned nevertheless it can also be fruitfully interpreted as an inversion of covering ndash law theory replacing it by an indefinite multitude of explanatory strategies Most of the striking characteristics of both White s and Ankersmit s narrativism pre ndash suppose positivism in these two senses especially their claim that historical narratives have a metaphorical structure and therefore no truth ndash value These claims are had to reconcile with the factual characteristics of debates by historians this problem can be tracked down to the absence in metaphorical narrativism of a conceptual connection between historical narratives and historical research Chris Lorenz 1998 Wiley ndash Blackwell Lorenz C 1998 Can Histories Be True Narrativism Positivism and the MetaphoricalTurn History and Theory 37 3 309 ndash 329 Sun, 12 May 2013 15:41:06 +1000 Toward a Theory of Social Practices A development in culturalist theorizing This article works out the main characteristics of practice theory a type of social theory which has been sketched by such authors as Bourdieu Giddens Taylor late Foucault and others Practice theory is presented as a conceptual alternative to other forms of social and cultural theory above all to culturalist mentalism textualism and intersubjectivism The article shows how practice theory and the three other cultural ndash theoretical vocabularies differ in their localization of the social and in their conceptualization of the body mind things knowledge discourse structure process and the agent Andreas Reckwitz 2002 Andreas Reckwitz 2002 Toward a Theory of Social Practices A Development in Culturalist Theorizing European Journal of Social Theory Vol 5 No 2 pp 243 ndash 263 DOI 10 1177 13684310222225432 http est sagepub com cgi content abstract 5 2 243 Sat, 23 Mar 2013 20:43:40 +1000 Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art Named after the pioneering critic of the commercialization of mass media the late Professor Rose Goldsen of Cornell University the Archive was founded in 2002 by Timothy Murray to house international art work produced on CD ndash Rom DVD ndash Rom video digital interfaces and the internet Its collection of supporting materials includes unpublished manuscripts and designs catalogues monographs and resource guides to new media art Emphasizing multimedia artworks that reflect digital extensions of twentieth ndash century developments in cinema video installation photography and sound holdings include extensive special collections in American and Chinese new media arts significant online and offline holdings in internet art and the majority of works in the international exhibition Contact Zones The Art of CD ndash Rom A novel research archive of international significance the collection complements the holdings in the Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections of illuminated manuscripts and the early modern printed book and adds to the breadth of its important collections in human sexuality Asian Studies and Media Film and Music Cornell University Library Fri, 18 Jan 2013 17:23:50 +1000 The Value of Culture Two Cultures Melvyn Bragg considers the 150 ndash year history of the Two Cultures debate In 1959 the novelist C P Snow delivered a lecture in Cambridge suggesting that intellectual life had become divided into two separate cultures the arts and the humanities The lecture is still celebrated for the furore it provoked ndash but Snow was returning to a battleground almost a century old Melvyn Bragg visits the old Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge scene of many of modern science s greatest triumphs to put the Two Cultures debate in its historical context ndash and Paul Nurse President of the Royal Society reveals the influence the Two Cultures debate had on his development as a scientist Melvyn Bragg 2013 The Value of Culture Two Cultures Radio broadcast Episode 3 of 5 Duration 42 minutes First broadcast Wednesday 02 January 2013 Presenter Melvyn Bragg Producer Thomas Morris for the BBC Radio 4 UK Thu, 03 Jan 2013 10:12:52 +1000 Billy Bragg education reforms risk stifling creativity Singer Billy Bragg has warned that the government s education reforms risk stifling creativity and leaving the pop charts the preserve of a well ndash off public school elite Bragg used a lecture in memory of broadcaster John Peel in Salford to criticise education secretary Michael Gove s plans to scrap GCSEs in favour of an English baccalaureate He also turned his ire on and culture ndash clogging shows such as Simon Cowell s The X Factor on ITV1 The singer and leftwing activist said the government s proposed new education system threatened to exclude creative subjects from the core qualifications expected of 16 ndash year ndash olds At a time of cuts to the education budget the pressure on schools to dump subjects like music and drama in favour of those that offer high marks in performances tables will only grow said Bragg He criticised the insistence that knowledge is more important than creativity adding As Albert Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge for knowledge is limited while imagination embraces the whole world Bragg delivering the second annual John Peel Lecture at the Radio Festival on Monday said Under the English baccalaureate with its reliance on a single end of course exam the child with the creative imagination will always lose out to the child with the ability to recall knowledge learned by rote John Plunkett 12 November 2012 The Guardian Billy Bragg John Peel Lecture photograph Andrew Stuart Radio Festival PR Sun, 02 Dec 2012 13:45:40 +1000 U MAG an independent Brazilian digital magazine In some religions one must be baptized in water for a new sinless person to emerge Maybe that can unfold in different ways for a magazine like U MAG which is created from scratch every three months sinless and clean ndash as I ve said in past issues And in life it s sometimes crucial to be born again everyday But there is a baptism inside this edition and it happened through images by Lucas Bori and Fernando Mazza They are responsible together with Cassia Tabatini Daniel Malva Tiago Chediak and Hugo Toni for the pictures that act as breathers within this issue which marks a transition to a new phase for the magazine It is now divided between online exclusive stories regularly posted on our website mobile iPad iPhone and Android and print print on demand is the future This issue of U MAG is special for another reason it s our anniversary edition but without golden celebratory caps and also because it celebrates in an unconventional way and running from stereotypes what an emerging nation can show the world In this issue s opening pages Bruno Munari s quote is the perfect translation for what we want to convey Things that make our lives interesting It s not as if the magazine has a message such as Yes we have Bananas and they are the world s best It s much more than that we present Brazilian imagery outside of the tourist package that s usually spread around specially when the country concerned is about to host a World Cup and the Olympics But we treat it all ironically e g the story shot by Vitor Pickersgill inspired by the carioca piriguetes a term for local shamelessly clad girls and poetically such as the Iemanja 2 0 beautifully impersonated by Thais Custodio If we focused the whole issue on Brazil however we would be closing ourselves to the world And it goes against our principles That s why the stories shot by our foreign collaborators are indispensable for U MAG s universe They are essential for our formula to work out Our exaggerated bold and visually ever changing spirit will remain intact The covers on the other hand will suffer a redesign in 2013 A preview of that process is the cover of our special collector s issue ndash all to value photography and imagery Besides fresh air is always appreciated A special thanks for all who were part of U MAG s history so far and hello for all newcomers who believe in our work and our philosophy U MAG 2012 Tue, 27 Nov 2012 23:32:50 +1000 Su Blackwell paper craft dioramas of childhood wonder and anxiety I often work within the realm of fairy ndash tales and folk ndash lore I began making a series of book ndash sculpture cutting ndash out images from old books to create three ndash dimensional diorama s and displaying them inside wooden boxes For the cut ndash out illustrations I tend to lean towards young ndash girl characters placing them in haunting fragile settings expressing the vulnerability of childhood while also conveying a sense of childhood anxiety and wonder There is a quiet melancholy in the work depicted in the material used and choice of subtle colour Su Blackwell Fig 1 Su Blackwell 2008 The Girl in the Wood http www sublackwell co uk portfolio ndash book ndash cut ndash sculpture Fri, 16 Nov 2012 16:47:21 +1000