Folksonomy | Knowledge is a structured repository of digital culture and creative practice. en-au Creative Commons License: (cc), Simon Perkins Thu, 28 Jan 2016 12:43:16 +1000 Thu, 28 Jan 2016 12:43:16 +1000 Constellations 2.0 60 Herland the forgotten feminist classic from 1915 Charlotte Perkins Gilman s novel Herland is regarded by many as the pioneering feminist utopian novel Authored in 1915 but published as a monograph only in 1978 Herland is intended as a social critique and as a sociological theorist Gilman sees herself as a change agent for a better social life for women especially as well as society in general Like other intellectuals at the turn of the 20th century Gilman struggled to theorise her social vision whilst simultaneously placing great efforts at promoting her vision in a package that is attractive to the masses By self-consciously distancing herself from the intellectuals of her time she crafted her works as endeavours at transforming society With the utopian novel as her genre of choice Gilman provides readers with a deeper sense of understanding of the ills of a society that subscribes to and is fixated with masculinity As such it is the contention of this paper to discuss Gilman s second novel Herland as a feminist utopian novel critiquing some aspects of culture Gilman describes as androcentric and to briefly link the images portrayed by Gilman in Herland to the Jungian theory of archetypes with some reference to female archetypal images Shahizah Ismail Hamdan and Ravichandran Vengadasamy 2006 Shahizah Ismail Hamdan and Ravichandran Vengadasamy 2006 Herland and Charlotte Perkin Gilman s Utopian Social Vision of Women And Society e-BANGI Jurnal Sains Sosial dan Kemanusiaan 1 1 pp 1-8 ISSN 1823-884x Thu, 28 Jan 2016 12:43:16 +1000 Conceptual Frameworks and Theoretical Frameworks Current usage of the terms conceptual framework and theoretical framework are vague and imprecise In this paper I define conceptual framework as a network or a plane of interlinked concepts that together provide a comprehensive understanding of a phenomenon or phenomena The concepts that constitute a conceptual framework support one another articulate their respective phenomena and establish a framework ndash specific philosophy Conceptual frameworks possess ontological epistemological and methodological assumptions and each concept within a conceptual framework plays an ontological or epistemological role The ontological assumptions relate to knowledge of the way things are the nature of reality real existence and real action Guba amp Lincoln 1994 The epistemological assumptions relate to how things really are and how things really work in an assumed reality p 108 The methodological assumptions relate to the process of building the conceptual framework and assessing what it can tell us about the real world Yosef Jabareen 2009 Jabareen Y 2009 Building a Conceptual Framework Philosophy Definitions and Procedure International Journal of Qualitative Methods 8 4 Mon, 23 Feb 2015 21:07:51 +1000 Engaging learners through uncertain rewards Uncertainty may be an important component of the motivation provided by learning games especially when associated with gaming rather than learning Three studies are reported that explore the influence of gaming uncertainty on engagement with computer ndash based learning games In the first study children 10 ndash 11 years played a simple maths quiz Participants chose their preferred reward for a correct answer prior to seeing each question They could either receive a single point or toss an animated coin to receive 2 points for heads or none for tails A preference for the uncertain option was revealed and this increased during the quiz The second study explored the discourse around learning when pairs of participants 13 ndash 14 years competed against the computer in a science quiz Progress depended on the acquisition of facts but also on the outcomes of throwing dice Discourse was characterised by a close intermingling of learning and gaming talk without salient problematic constructions regarding fairness when losing points due to gaming uncertainty A final experiment explored whether in this type of game the uncertainty provided by the gaming component could influence players affective response to the learning component Electrodermal activity EDA of 16 adults was measured while they played the quiz with and without the element of chance provided by the dice Results showed EDA when answering questions was increased by inclusion of gaming uncertainty Findings are discussed in terms of the potential benefits of combining gaming uncertainty with learning and directions for further research in this area are outlined Howard ndash Jones P A and S Demetriou 2009 1 Howard ndash Jones P A and S Demetriou 2009 Uncertainty and Engagement with Learning Games Instructional Science An International Journal of the Learning Sciences 37 6 519 ndash 536 2 Paul Howard ndash Jones 2014 radio programme BBC Radio 4 ndash The Educators episode 5 of 8 first broadcast 10 September 2014 Mon, 22 Sep 2014 22:16:13 +1000 Computer simulated evolution of virtual creatures 1994 This narrated computer animation shows results from a research project involving simulated Darwinian evolutions of virtual block creatures A population of several hundred creatures is created within a supercomputer and each creature is tested for their ability to perform a given task such the ability to swim in a simulated water environment The successful survive and their virtual genes containing coded instructions for their growth are copied combined and mutated to make offspring for a new population The new creatures are again tested and some may be improvements on their parents As this cycle of variation and selection continues creatures with more and more successful behaviors can emerge The creatures shown are results the final products from many independent simulations in which they were selected for swimming walking jumping following and competing for control of a green cube Karl Sims Internet Archive Tue, 15 Apr 2014 09:22:48 +1000 How calculus is changing architecture So working with Bentley and MicroStation we ve written a custom piece of software that networks all of the components together into these chunks of information so that if we change any element along the length of the building not only does that change distribute through each one of the trusses but each one of the trusses then distributes that information down the length of the entire facade of the building So it s a single calculation for every single component of the building that we re adding onto So it s tens of millions of calculations just to design one connection between a piece of structural steel and another piece of structural steel But what it gives us is a harmonic and synthesized relationship of all these components one to another This idea has kind of brought me into doing some product design and it s because design firms that have connections to architects like I m working with Vitra which is a furniture company and Alessi which is a houseware company They saw this actually solving a problem this ability to differentiate components but keep them synthetic So not to pick on BMW or to celebrate them but take BMW as an example They have to in 2005 have a distinct identity for all their models of cars So the 300 series or whatever their newest car is the 100 series that s coming out has to look like the 700 series at the other end of their product line so they need a distinct coherent identity which is BMW At the same time there s a person paying 30 000 dollars for a 300 ndash series car and a person paying 70 000 dollars for a 700 series and that person paying more than double doesn t want their car to look too much like the bottom ndash of ndash the ndash market car So they have to also discriminate between these products So as manufacturing starts to allow more design options this problem gets exacerbated of the whole and the parts Greg Lynn February 2005 Thu, 05 Dec 2013 22:15:46 +1000 Is Photoshop Remixing the World Photoshop has completely revolutionized our visual culture Artists now use Photoshop to create complex imagery that would have been impossible 20 years ago It has also profoundly changed the art of photo retouching turning a labor intensive process into an artful and often controversial digital workflow But possibly the most current and expressive influence can be seen in meme culture online With the ability to alter any image in the media landscape everyday people now have the means to critically comment on culture and spread their ideas virally leveling the playing field between traditional media creators and consumers Photoshop has changed the way we communicate the way we express ourselves and the way we view the world and each other Tue, 30 Jul 2013 22:52:19 +1000 Yossarian Lives a Metaphorical Search Engine We have created a metaphorical search engine Our search algorithms generate results that assist people in the creation of new knowledge by returning disparate but potentially metaphorically related information These are the types of insights that are valuable for people working at the edges of their knowledge field This is an immensely powerful creative tool for use by anyone who is looking to generate new ideas or see their problem or topic in a whole new light Yossarian is the main character of Joseph Heller s novel Catch ndash 22 Our work is highlighting the Catch ndash 22 of current search and personalization algorithms in that their use both simultaneously helps us through access to existing knowledge and hurts us through the reinforcement of that same knowledge In finding new and innovative search solutions to this problem we declare that Yossarian Lives Fri, 31 May 2013 12:52:55 +1000 Toward a Theory of Social Practices A development in culturalist theorizing This article works out the main characteristics of practice theory a type of social theory which has been sketched by such authors as Bourdieu Giddens Taylor late Foucault and others Practice theory is presented as a conceptual alternative to other forms of social and cultural theory above all to culturalist mentalism textualism and intersubjectivism The article shows how practice theory and the three other cultural ndash theoretical vocabularies differ in their localization of the social and in their conceptualization of the body mind things knowledge discourse structure process and the agent Andreas Reckwitz 2002 Andreas Reckwitz 2002 Toward a Theory of Social Practices A Development in Culturalist Theorizing European Journal of Social Theory Vol 5 No 2 pp 243 ndash 263 DOI 10 1177 13684310222225432 http est sagepub com cgi content abstract 5 2 243 Sat, 23 Mar 2013 20:43:40 +1000 European Commission the Migrants in Europe design competition The deadline for submitting artwork is 21 June 2013 The multimedia Competition Migrants in Europe aims to give young artists and communicators an opportunity to reflect on the contribution of migrants to the European society today The Competition should also serve as a first step towards more debate information and opinion exchange The Competition is aimed at students who are over 18 years old and enrolled in art graphic and communication schools in all EU countries and Croatia The schools are to present the works in three categories ndash Poster Photography and Video Each school can present one or several works in one or several categories The works will be judged at the national level and the best works will be forwarded to a European jury that will decide on European winners A public internet vote will also take place on this website The authors of the 30 European finalist works will travel to Brussels to attend a prize ndash giving ceremony with expected participation by Cecilia Malmstr ouml m European Commissioner for Home Affairs The schools whose students win first prizes in the three categories and the first prize in the public vote will receive an award of A 10 000 each European Commission Wed, 06 Feb 2013 08:52:49 +1000 High Street music retailer HMV to appoint administrator Music and DVD chain HMV which employs about 4 350 staff has confirmed it will appoint an administrator making it the latest High Street casualty Deloitte will run the 239 ndash store chain while it assesses prospects for the business and seeks potential buyers Trading in HMV shares on the London Stock Exchange are being suspended the company said in a statement Neil Saunders the managing director of retail analyst firm Conlumin said that although the HMV brand certainly has some value for potential buyers the current business model was dead The bottom line is that there is no real future for physical retail in the music sector he said BBC News 14 January 2013 Mon, 14 Jan 2013 22:21:20 +1000 The Value of Culture Mass Culture Melvyn Bragg considers how technology and increasing access to education made possible the rise of a true mass culture in the twentieth century He examines how the rise of cinema and photography opened the cultural realms to millions and how our understanding of what culture is and what it s for was transformed by the work of scholars such as Richard Hoggart and Raymond Williams Melvyn Bragg 2013 The Value of Culture Two Cultures Radio broadcast Episode 4 of 5 Duration 42 minutes First broadcast Thursday 03 January 2013 Presenter Melvyn Bragg Producer Thomas Morris for the BBC Radio 4 UK Thu, 03 Jan 2013 18:41:34 +1000 The Value of Culture Two Cultures Melvyn Bragg considers the 150 ndash year history of the Two Cultures debate In 1959 the novelist C P Snow delivered a lecture in Cambridge suggesting that intellectual life had become divided into two separate cultures the arts and the humanities The lecture is still celebrated for the furore it provoked ndash but Snow was returning to a battleground almost a century old Melvyn Bragg visits the old Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge scene of many of modern science s greatest triumphs to put the Two Cultures debate in its historical context ndash and Paul Nurse President of the Royal Society reveals the influence the Two Cultures debate had on his development as a scientist Melvyn Bragg 2013 The Value of Culture Two Cultures Radio broadcast Episode 3 of 5 Duration 42 minutes First broadcast Wednesday 02 January 2013 Presenter Melvyn Bragg Producer Thomas Morris for the BBC Radio 4 UK Thu, 03 Jan 2013 10:12:52 +1000 The Value of Culture Culture and the Anthropologists Melvyn Bragg continues his exploration of the idea of culture by considering its use in the discipline of anthropology In 1871 the anthropologist Edward Tylor published Primitive Culture an enormously influential work which for the first time placed culture at the centre of the study of humanity His definition of culture as the capabilities and habits acquired by man ensured that later generations saw culture as common to all humans and not simply as the preserve of writers and philosophers Melvyn Bragg 2013 The Value of Culture Culture and the Anthropologists Radio broadcast Episode 2 of 5 Duration 42 minutes First broadcast Monday 01 January 2013 Presenter Melvyn Bragg Producer Thomas Morris for the BBC Radio 4 UK Tue, 01 Jan 2013 12:55:18 +1000 The Value of Culture Culture and Anarchy Melvyn Bragg presents the first in a series of programmes examining the idea of culture and its evolution over the last 150 years In 1869 the poet and critic Matthew Arnold published Culture and Anarchy a series of essays in which he argued passionately that culture ndash the best which has been thought and said ndash was a powerful force for good In this first programme Melvyn Bragg visits the Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford where Arnold first unveiled his ideas on the subject and discovers how Arnold s ideas were refined and rejected by later thinkers Melvyn Bragg 2012 Matthew Arnold 1869 Culture and Anarchy An Essay in Political and Social Criticism http www authorama com book culture ndash and ndash anarchy html The Value of Culture Culture and Anarchy Radio broadcast Episode 1 of 5 Duration 42 minutes First broadcast Monday 31 December 2012 Presenter Melvyn Bragg Producer Thomas Morris for the BBC Radio 4 UK Mon, 31 Dec 2012 10:53:42 +1000 Blue Velvet the dark underside of America s collective fantasies Blue Velvet begins with the lily ndash white small town of America s collective fantasies and shows us its dark underside drugs violence sex and particularly sexual perversion Our hero Jeffrey hiding in the dark peers through the slats of Dorothy Vallens closet at Dorothy getting undressed and Frank s strange sadomasochistic sex with her Jeffrey stands for all of us American filmgoers peering voyeuristically at Evil in traditional American films Lynch clues us as to how we should read his film when he shows us a cluster of ants under the Beaumonts pretty lawn This is Tennyson s nature red in tooth and claw ndash the underside of cutesy Lumberton with its free enterprise propensity for cutting down trees Norman N Holland Mon, 29 Oct 2012 15:49:59 +1000