Folksonomy | Visual Arts is a structured repository of digital culture and creative practice. en-au Creative Commons License: (cc), Simon Perkins Sun, 15 Oct 2017 14:15:14 +1000 Sun, 15 Oct 2017 14:15:14 +1000 Constellations 2.0 60 Shimon Tzabar Israel should get out of the occupied territories Our right to defend ourselves from extermination does not give us the right to oppress others Occupation entails foreign rule Foreign rule entails resistance Resistance entails repression Repression entails terror and counter-terror The victims of terror are mostly innocent people Holding on to the occupied territories will turn us into a nation of murderers and murder victims Let us get out of the occupied territories immediately Shimon Tzabar 22 September 1967 Ha aretz Sun, 15 Oct 2017 14:15:14 +1000 Wander through a Garden of Earthly Delights on loop Paradise was commissioned by the MOTI Museum in The Netherlands for the exhibition New Delights which is part of the Hieronymus Bosch 500-year anniversary A gigantic video installation of this work is exhibited in the Museum until the 31st of December 2016 Tue, 22 Nov 2016 14:34:27 +1000 John Stezaker Resonating Nostalgic Lyricism In an image-saturated world British collage artist John Stezaker rather creates more with less Cutting up yesterday photographs subtracting pieces and juxtaposing faces he transforms forgotten photographs and postcards into symbolic portraiture of modernism Stezaker s artistic interests in examining hidden relations between images have bestowed international success and recognition upon him and his collage art Gestalten tv had a precious opportunity to speak with the artist at his exhibition in Berlin s Capitain Petzel Gallery Wed, 19 Oct 2016 13:15:25 +1000 Avant-garde exploration and radical creativity that clashes with convention OR simply a carnival of aestheticism Turning to the term avant-garde itself it seems to have become a commonplace in our ways of thinking about art Since the nineteenth century its use has become widespread designating any artistic movement that can be described as innovative The term s fate is grounded in the relevance of its military metaphorics which liken artistic invention to the actions of a small band of forces that sets off in advance of an army in order to clear its path We thus strike upon several basic characteristics of the avant-garde first the notion that the avant-garde restores the collective dimension of explorative creativity But the term also evokes the conditions of conflict that arise between this creativity and the prevailing society at the same time we must keep in mind that avant-garde designates artistic activity as the means for opening up new territory The term s current problems arise from its social and economic valorization which has become so important today that all artists want to be considered avant-garde mdash even though they generally consider the essential character of avant-gardism to involve little more than a spectacular revolution in form The notion of avant-gardism subsequently takes on a different meaning than it had originally it has come to signify a mindset of formal innovation rather than a dedication to exploration and radical creativity that clashes with convention Thus the positions of an entire range of so-called avant-gardes can be accommodated within an economic consensus that values formal innovation for reasons of competitiveness and profitability At the same time competitive rivalry leads to the disappearance of the collective dimension of innovative creativity which had been no doubt a fundamental characteristic of the avant-garde We must therefore accept the idea that the very evolution of the avant-garde which compels it to follow the trends of the market place also brings about its death mdash a death to which the contemporary art market and institutional consensus alike seem fully determined have us bear witness by crowning its most ridiculous propositions with museum exhibitions These preliminary remarks highlight the instability of terms such as avant-garde as far as artistic experience goes For it is by no means clear that the term means the same thing for avant-garde of the first half of the twentieth century as it does for the avant-garde that followed Philippe Sers and Jonathan P Eburne 2010 p 850 The Radical Avant-Garde and the Contemporary Avant-Garde Author s Philippe Sers and Jonathan P Eburne Source New Literary History Vol 41 No 4 What Is an Avant-Garde AUTUMN 2010 pp 847-854 Published by The Johns Hopkins University Press Wed, 19 Oct 2016 12:16:32 +1000 1974 documentary about Aotearoa New Zealand artist Ralph Hotere Directed by Sam Pillsbury this 1974 film observes Ralph Hotere mdash one of New Zealand s greatest artists mdash at a moment when excitement is gathering about his work Lauded as a classic by Ian Wedde the documentary is framed around the execution of a watershed piece a large mural Hotere was commissioned to paint for Hamilton s Founders Theatre Interviews with friends and associates mdash poets Hone Tuwhare and Bill Manhire art critics officials and dealers mdash are intercut with fascinating shots of Hotere working including making art by photocopying or xerography Sun, 07 Aug 2016 10:49:43 +1000 Lucea kinetic sculpture by artist Anthony Howe Wed, 16 Mar 2016 08:48:56 +1000 Josef Frank Exhibition Against Design in Vienna The exhibition JOSEF FRANK Against Design presents the full scope of Frank s pioneering and diverse oeuvre In light of his prodigious output of furniture and textile designs that remain current to this day and his intensive involvement with the possibilities of architecture and living in the modern era the title Against Design might at first seem a puzzling choice for an exhibition on Josef Frank Frank whose work as a designer and design critic continues to be considered contemporary today represented a pragmatic approach to design and argued for a simple and normal mdash but by no means normative mdash architecture and design He believed that existing elements should be taken into account as a matter of course and intuitively developed for practical use without striving toward representation and innovation To Frank it was not so much the formal qualities but those of social experience that were important his interiors and household objects were not intended to be subjected to formalist concepts but placed at the service of convenience Especially today Josef Frank s ideas about an uncontrived and unpretentious functionality whose aim was an independent free enlightened bourgeois domestic culture far from stylistic dogmas and fashionable conventions seem more relevant than ever Sat, 12 Mar 2016 10:26:01 +1000 Infinity Mirrored Room The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away Yayoi Kusama s Infinity Mirrored Room a mirror-lined chamber housing a dazzling and seemingly endless LED light display will be featured in the inaugural installation Sun, 28 Feb 2016 21:03:32 +1000 What is art for Alain de Botton gives his top five reasons why art is such a vital force for humanity Are we wrong to like pretty pictures Why is some art painful to look at Can art heal your feelings of urban alienation Relax watch and find out Mon, 28 Dec 2015 14:31:15 +1000 CHINA 8 Contemporary Art from China on the Rhine and Ruhr CHINA 8 ndash Contemporary Art from China on the Rhine and Ruhr May 15 ndash September 13 2015 Eight cities along the Rhine and Ruhr nine museums around 120 artists ndash the CHINA 8 exhibition is the most comprehensive survey of contemporary Chinese art held in Germany to date Alongside established artists the positions of younger and newly emerging artists are also represented Nine museums in D uuml sseldorf Duisburg Essen Gelsenkirchen Hagen Marl M uuml lheim an der Ruhr and Recklinghausen have come together for this joint project and will be showing works from the fields of painting photography calligraphy ink drawing sculpture installation art and video from 15th May to 13th September 2015 The eight in the show rsquo s title is not only the number of the participating cities but also a significant Chinese lucky number Thu, 14 May 2015 20:17:57 +1000 Sonia Delaunay a retrospective exhibition at the Tate Modern Tate Modern The EY Exhibition Sonia Delaunay 15 April ndash 9 August 2015 Sonia Delaunay H eacute lice d eacute coration pour le Palais de l rsquo Air Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques Paris 1937 copy Pracusa 2013057 copy Skissernas Museum Lund Sweden Emma Krantz Project de Tissu Simultan eacute n deg 25 France 1924 gouache donated by Sonia Delaunay 5 June 1966 copy Les Arts D eacute coratifs Sonia Delaunay 1885-1979 ldquo Rythme couleur rdquo 1964 oil on canvas Paris mus eacute e d rsquo Art moderne Wed, 13 May 2015 21:03:36 +1000 Six years the dematerialization of the art object from 1966 to 1972 Lippard was a primary critic and theorist of Conceptual art this book however provides not commentary but instead primary documentation It takes the form of an annotated thematic timeline the chapters list books including exhibition catalogs published each year followed by articles statements activities and works arranged by month Photographs illustrate selected works The annotations are for the most part as documentary as possible transcripts excerpts of artists statements etc Lippard s editorial hand is most visible in her inclusions and exclusions less so in her only occasional textual insertions As such the book performs as Lippard had envisioned to expose the chaotic network of ideas in the air in America and abroad between 1966 and 1971 5 Lucy Lippard 1973 Six years the dematerialization of the art object from 1966 to 1972 a cross-reference book of information on some esthetic boundaries New York Praeger Sat, 09 May 2015 22:42:59 +1000 Smithsonian Libraries Artists Books Collection Online Artists books are works of art like paintings or sculptures but in book form While book illustration has a much longer history the book as art object is a product of the 20th century Some of the early examples were created by Futurists and Dadaists in their politically ndash motivated pamphlets and magazines by Fluxus artists in their happenings and by conceptual artists in their work to dematerialize the art object Artists books can also be unique creations undertaken with extreme care and attention to detail Some are experimental and done by artists better known as painters or sculptors as a way to extend their artistic practice Many artists use the book format to create narratives to deal with difficult issues with ideas that cannot be conveyed as clearly on a canvas or other medium Some artist ndash made books illustrate the words of others integrating art and literature And some artists books do not have words at all As a work created by an artist the nature appearance and purpose of an artist s book can be fundamentally different from what one might find on the shelves of the library Artists books exist at the intersections of printmaking photography poetry experimental narrative visual arts graphic design and publishing They have made a place for themselves in the collections of museums libraries and private collectors They have caught the interest of art historians and critics writing about art and there are numerous studio programs in art schools dedicated to the art of the book ushering in new generations of artists making books Sun, 15 Feb 2015 09:54:22 +1000 Allen Jones the pop artist whose transgressions went too far Jones explains the situation as he sees it For artists of my generation coming on stream in the Sixties whatever you did you had to reckon with American gestural abstraction The problem with figurative art at the time was that it had run out of steam but the polemic was that you couldn t do it any more which seemed absurd after 4 000 years of people making representations of each other To me the Pop movement was incontrovertibly a swing of the pendulum back towards representation The problem wasn t with representation it was the age ndash old one ndash with the language And the language had run out of steam Using urban imagery as source material revitalised figurative painting without a doubt And recently the main thrust of the avant ndash garde from Basquiat and Schnabel up to Koons and company has been figuration with a vengeance Andrew Lambirth 1 November 2014 The Spectator Wed, 14 Jan 2015 18:17:27 +1000 Edmund Burke on the sublime Some things that move us are beautiful others are sublime But the sublime moves us more profoundly than the beautiful See how Edmund Burke tied the experience of the sublime to the possibility of pain and how the idea went on to influence the artistic Romanticism movement Voiced by Harry Shearer Scripted by Nigel Warburton Thu, 20 Nov 2014 00:26:52 +1000