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Picking Up Girls Made Easy

"Narrated by the author, Eric Weber, this album was released in the mid–70's. Pure cheese and amazing that these pick–ups could actually work (well maybe on girls who are not playing with a full deck of cards). What's even more amazing is that this is still in print (no longer on LP, but on cassette!)."

(Otis Fodder, The 365 Days Project)

From the liner: PICKING UP GIRLS MADE EASY will teach you a whole new system for picking up girls –– a system that is so complete and so absolutely foolproof you'll soon be picking up girls automaticallly!!! Absolutely everything is spelled out for you... Picking up girls can be as easy as opening a beer! And the more you listen to the album, the better you'll get. It's INCREDIBLE!"



1975aural treasuredating • Eric Weber • how to pick up girls • naivenewspaper ad • pick-up • Picking Up Girls Made Easy • popular cultureretro cheesinesssexsex sells • The 365 Days Project


Simon Perkins

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