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16 APRIL 2007

A Dual Strategy: reading both annotations and their texts

"This reveals a dual strategy: firstly, we are not 'reading' a text through its main text only, but more through its periphery and specific textures like the notes apparatus, the selection of pictures, the quotations and references, the imprint, the binding or context for an essay etc. Academic texts present this subtext and context apparatus very consciously. The second part of the strategy is that the index, relieved of its referential quality, has now become the main text.

These artists 'liberate' images (Peter Piller) and words (Douglas Blau) from their original indexicality of reference to an original system, so that they can be re–ordered and opened up to a new way of reading. The generative quality of the text apparatuses and the logic of the library (as a store for all reference structures), make the archive into a producer and into an archive of potential texts. Text and image are not just placed in the archive as an 'Akte' (document) but become 'Akteure' (actors) in their own right. It is misleading to talk about a knowledge store when in fact we are dealing with a knowledge generator."

(Rudolf Frieling, Media Art Net)



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