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Christopher Frayling: into, through and for art and design

"Research where the end product is an artefact–where the thinking is, so to speak, embodied in the artefact, where the goal is not primarily communicable knowledge in the sense of verbal communication, but in the sense of visual or iconic or imagistic communication."

(Christopher Frayling, 1994)

[Frayling's research categories (Frayling 1993/4) provide a useful interpretation of design research issues. He identifies research into art and design as one that is 'straightforward, because there are countless models – and archives – from which to derive its rules and procedures' (ibid.). He describes research through art and design is useful for understanding the value of developmental enquiry as a valid research strategy. And perhaps the more interesting approach to research that he identifies is one that he describes as research for art and design.]

Frayling, C. (1994) Research Papers, "Research in Art and Design", Royal College of Art, Vol. 1 no. 1, pp. 1–5.


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