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04 JUNE 2006

Ebdon: Pioneering Broadcaster And Bricoleur Extraordinaire

Nick Barker (tanscript from BBC Radio 4 show called Thanks For Listening – Archive Hour: Saturday 3 June 2006 20:00–21:00)
What do I do? Well basically I delve into the [BBC] archive and look for little bits and pieces and then I stick them together into a script..." – John Ebdon

His raw material was already there, in the archive, waiting for him to choose it to write around it to brilliant effect. ... What he did was wander. Imagine the BBC radio archive not as a dead library but a world waiting to be brought to life, populated with thousands and thousands of hours of thousands and thousands of people talking about endlessly diverse stuff. What Ebdon did was meander through that world hunting, gathering, observing, dramatising, parodying, and somehow creating a narrative from that almost limitless raw material.

John Ebdon was a BBC Radio 4 announcer famed for his re–purposing of BBC archive material. Ebdon died at age 81 on March the 19th, 2005.


announcer • archiveBBCbricolagebricoleur • John Ebdon • mash-up • meanderer • Radio 4re-purpose

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