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04 JUNE 2006

Growing up with the legacy of the Jewish Holocaust: audio stories of Jewish children

The Jewish Museum in Berlin makes good use of audiovisual technologies to engage its visitors. One of these involves the presentation of audio stories of Jewish children growing up with the legacy of the Jewish Holocaust. The stories are accessed through individual sets of headphones that are spread around a large (AstroTurf–like covered) green room. Each of the children's stories has an accompanying light–box that displays personal information about their subject and a seating area for visitors to sit in while they listen to the stories. The arrangement is both visually dramatic through the function of the light–boxes as visual accents and calming through the general ambience of the exhibition space. The use and arrangement of audiovisual technologies in this way helps to promote visitor engagement with both the individual exhibition displays and more generally with the exhibition experience.



AstroTurf • audio storiesaudiovisualBerlinexhibitionGermanyJewJewish Holocaust • Jewish Museum Berlin • light-boxmuseumoral historiesSimon Perkins

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