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12 MAY 2006

The Sultan's Elephant: Disrupting The Spectacle Of Everyday Life

"If art is about transformations, there is no more transforming experience than The Sultan's Elephant, a large–scale outdoor free spectacle produced by French company Royal de Luxe. This is a show that disrupts the spectacle of everyday life and transforms the city from an impersonal place of work and business into a place of play and community. It does something very simple and important: it makes you feel incredibly happy and it gives you permission to let your imagination take flight. It turns us all into beautiful dreamers with silly grins on our faces."

(Lyn Gardner, 6 May 2006, The Guardian)



2006communityelephantentertainment spectacleexperiencegiant marionetteLondonmarionette • NZ House • puppetRoma Patel • Royal de Luxe • spectacle • Sultans Elephant • transformationUK

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