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03 FEBRUARY 2006

Capitalist Society Modifies Utopia into Individual Consumption

"As Zygmunt Bauman [1] states, capitalist society modifies utopia into individual consumption, a culture where pleasure is not contingent on a specificity of time and place, but instead preoccupied with the construction of systems of media spectatorship and consumption which will deliver the same mobile pleasures of looking to each citizen. (Bignell 2000: 28) In Denzin's word, we all become voyeurs in a cinematic society where reality is the social re–enactment of visual fictions. Humans, then, become commodities rather than individuals. This is visually represented in Transmetropolitan in an instance where we see a stripper who instead of nipples have barcodes. (Back on the Street 55)"

(MacLeod, Plesch and Schoell–Glassp, 2009, p.151)

Catriona MacLeod, Véronique Plesch, Charlotte Schoell–Glass (2009). "Elective Affinities: Testing Word and Image Relationships", Editions Rodopi B.V.

[1] Bauman, Zygmunt (1993). Postmodern Ethics, Oxford & Cambridge: Blackwell.
[2] Bignell, Jonathan (2000). Postmodern Media Culture, Edinburgh: Edinburgh UP.
[3] Ellis, Warren & Roberts, Darick (1997). Transmetropolitan: Back on the Street, New York: DC Comics.



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