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27 JULY 2005

Folding Pocket PC Keyboard With Maximum Style

The Thinkoutside Stowaway Universal Bluetooth Keyboard is a ingenious wee device. The PDA accessory is super small and easy to set–up. The keyboard automatically turns itself on as you fold it out. And is ready to use once it has been initially paired with your PDA. I am using mine with an Acer n30 Pocket PC after discovering the flaw in the PDA?s infrared port placement. The only real hassle that I've discovered so far with this set–up is that the PDA needs to be re–paired each time I use it with another bluetooth device. I'm guessing that this is the Acer n30?s limitation though, not anything to do with the keyboard.



accessory • Acer n30 • bluetoothbluetoothdeviceindustrial designkeyboardPDA • Pocket PC • product design • Stowaway • ThinkOutside

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