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28 JUNE 2019

Herbert Simon on How we can study the process of creativity

"Cognitive scientist and Nobel Prize laureate Herbert A. Simon was the first to mention design thinking as a way of thinking in his 1969 book, The Sciences of the Artificial. He then went on to contribute many ideas throughout the 70s which are now regarded as principles of design thinking."



1969 • building ideas • creative thinking • creativity as a process • cybernetics • defining the problem • designdesign methoddesign methods • Design Methods Group • design processDesign Research Unitdesign researcherdesign thinkingdesignerdesigninggame theoryHerbert Simon • improving the future • methodological approach • operational research • problem-solving • quantitative methods • role of the designer • science of design • Sciences of the Artificial (1969) • scientific methods • sociologist • system thinking • systems analysis • thought process • way of thinking


Simon Perkins

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