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22 JUNE 2017

Face-replacement video cut-up prominent in UK General Election

"Young music fans seem energised by the Labour leader, unlike any other politician in recent times... Grime star Stormzy has endorsed Corbyn (he particularly liked his anti-Apartheid activism in the eighties), as have other grime scene mainstays like Novelist, AJ Tracey and Boy Better Know collective co-founder JME (brother of Skepta), who even had a photocall with the Labour leader the other week. You can’t buy these sorts of endorsements: #grime4corbyn is very much a grass roots movement, it hasn’t come from a youth wing of Labour or been manufactured by party apparatchiks in any way. ...

At the Brighton gig at seafront venue The Arch, there’s a friendly, positive vibe as various performers take their turns on the mic and decks. A stall in the corner sells #grime4corbyn t-shirts and prints, while in the smoking area outside some gritty artwork featuring assorted grime MCs is peppered with images of MC Jezza himself. “May try say she better than me/Tell my man shut up,” reads one, perhaps alluding to the video that some wag produced that transposes Corbyn’s face onto Stormzy’s ‘Shut Up’ promo. “Punishing pensioners and taking school meals away from our children,” Corbyn — throwing shapes in a red tracksuit — begins in the online skit, before his ‘posse’ add ‘SHUT UP’. The video has understandably gone viral."

(Carl Loben, 06 June 2017, Huffington Post)



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Simon Perkins

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