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25 MARCH 2017

Lights Out: scary low-budget horror short film becomes feature

"Based on a short film made for a UK-based film challenge by Swedish director David F. Sandberg and his wife Lotta Losten, the two were more than surprised that their 162-second movie—that didn't win best film—went viral, generating the attention of millions, including Hollywood and famed horror producer James Wan."

(Catherine Chapman, 29 April 2016, The Creators Project)



20132016bedroom • bedtime • blanket • bogeyman • bogieman • boogeyman • boogie man • continental quilt • creepy • David F Sandberg • demonic presencedisturbing tale • doona • duvet • fear of the dark • fear of the unknownfilmmakinghiding in the darkhorror filmhorror genre • in the dark • James Wan • Lights Out (2013) • Lights Out (2016) • Lotta Losten • low-budget film • monster in the dark • mysterious presence • paranormal • scary • seeing things • short film • short horror film • sound and imagestrangerSwedish filmmaker • under the blanket • when the lights go out


Simon Perkins

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