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19 FEBRUARY 2017

Jean-Luc Godard's first film: Une Femme Coquette (1955)

"The film, based on a Guy De Maupassant short story, was Godard's first shot at a narrative. It's often listed as lost by biographers, and the find is tremendously significant for French New Wave enthusiasts. There are also several easter eggs in the work for Godard fans: the director cameos two minutes in, the story is later re-adapted in Godard's 1966 film 'Masculin FĂ©minin,' and the work itself is credited to his film-critic pseudonym, Hans Lucas.

Just five years after shooting 'Une Femme Coquette,' Godard would release his early masterpiece, 'Breathless.' There is so much of the energy of that latter work in this earlier vision, shot on a borrowed 16mm camera."

(William Earl, 18 February 2017, Indiewire)


1955 • A Flirtatious Woman (1955) • based on novel • black and white • Carmen Mirando • coquette • early work • flirtatious • French filmmaker • French New Wave • French-Swiss film director • Genevagesture • Guy de Maupassant • Hans Lucas • Ile Rousseau • imitation of an actioninfluential filmmakerJean-Luc Godard • Le Signe (Guy de Maupassant) • Maria Lysandre • non-sync sound • prostitute • Roland Tolmatchoff • short fiction film • short film • Swiss filmmaker • Switzerland • The Signal (Guy de Maupassant) • Une Femme Coquette (1955) • voice-over commentarywoman


Simon Perkins

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