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29 FEBRUARY 2016

Hominid: an animated short film teaser

Written and Directed by Brian Andrews; Animation Supervisor: Joe Daniels; Lead Character Technical Director: Rodney Brett; Character Technical Director: Omar Garcia, Rob Garcia, Andrew Manuel; Story Artist: Janine Labar; Animation: Jason Alas, Brittany Barnes, Denice Dehelean, Andrew Manuel, John Treleaven, Tim Xenakis; Shading: Vincent Jaramillo, Matthew Picasso; Modelling: Pedro Ferreira, Dakota Fulmer, Sam Hedberg, Abraham Rodriguez, Joshua Roth, Darrell White; Compositing: Kyle Greenberg, Nate Rodriguez; Dynamic Effects: Tyler Giusti; Sound Design: Bryan Atarama, David Claudio; Composer: Jordan Suhr; Title Design: Adrian Amler, Patches, Angela You; Thanks to: Andrew Dayton, Adrian Miller, John Scanlon, Andrew Schlussel, Josh Qualtieri. Produced at Ex'pression College for Digital Arts. Copyright 2011 Brian Andrews.




20113D animationanimated sequence • animated short • animated short film • animated teaser • atmospheric presence • bones • Brian Andrews • chase scenecreaturedangerous environments • Expression College for Digital Arts • flying creature • frog • Hominid (2012) • hominidae • hominids • human skeleton • human x-ray • humanoidmonochromatic • photo-composite • sepiaskeletonspiderteaser trailertranslucence • veterinary x-ray • visual style • winged creature • x-ray


Simon Perkins

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