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05 DECEMBER 2015

Life Smartphone: a commentary on smartphone dependence

"Min Alxe, a student at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, created 'Life Smartphone,' a darkly funny commentary on our culture's smartphone dependence. It shows different characters moving through the world and dying gruesome deaths while not paying attention to what's around them."

(Max Plenke, 08 May 2015)



20152D animationaddiction • adverse health effects • animated short filmbehavioral addictionblack humour • China Central Academy of Fine Arts • compulsive behaviourcultural commentarydystopian futureengrossing activityepisodic structure • extended phone use • Life Smartphone (2015) • Min Alxe • morbidnasty mishapsour relationship with technologyout of controlparody • poor posture • prolonged phone use • selfiesmartphone dependencespectacular society • text neck • textingtxtingunhealthy behaviourvignette


Simon Perkins

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