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26 NOVEMBER 2015

Inventive paper folding parkour animation

"The brief was to create a visual reaction inspired by a chosen sub-culture, in this case, Parkour. Parkour is an urban ‘free-running’ discipline, originated from France. Its aim is for its traceur to overcome obstacles within the path, by adapting physical movement to traverse the urban environment, using physical abilities like jumping and climbing. The intention of this animation is to capture the movement and physical beauty of the traceur while traversing through the environment. This viral is aimed to create an awareness for parkour as an artform, rather than a sport. Credits to Noel Lee for filming and editing, and lecturer Kevin Barrios for the inspiration"

(Serene Teh, 2010)



2010animation technique • climbing • creative experimentsdesign craft • Dr. Dre • drawing on paperflip book • free-running • hand-drawn illustration • jumping • Kevin Barrios • line drawing • motion study • movement in space • navigating by movement • Noel Lee • overcome obstacles • paper animationpaper folding • parkour • pen and inkquadruped animationquadrupedal movementrap • rolling • running • Serene Teh • stepping out of the framestudent project • swinging • technical pen • traceur • traversedurban spaces • vaulting • women illustrators


Simon Perkins

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