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07 JUNE 2015

Passive digital experience forms backdrop to annual trade convention

"Working with with illustrator and Art Director Katie Scott, we created an unique 15m x 3.5m animated wallpaper that slowly evolved over a 4 hour period. Created for Pernod Ricards' annual creative meeting on the private island of Embiez in the south of France and installed by Paris based Events agency Auditoire. The installation became a passive digital experience that functioned as a thought provoking backdrop to the schedule of creative speakers. Using 'Foley' artist Michael to create the audio effect and Lewis and myself to create the animation we were able to take Katie's illustration into an animated form, and her unique world became an animated experience."

(Christopher Pearson)




20132D animation • advertising convention • aesthetic spectacleambient artanatomiesanimal physiologyanimated experienceanimated painting • animated wallpaper • annual convention • Auditoire (events agency) • backdropbiomedical illustration • Christopher Pearson • corporate events • creative meeting • Embiez • energizing corporate cultureevents design • experiential advertising • foley artist • immersive experience • Katie Scott • large scale installation • Lewis White • Michael Floyd • passive digital experience • Pernod Ricard • physiologyphytotomyplant anatomy • private island • sceneryscientific illustrationsouth of Francetrade conventionvideo muralvisual spectaclewomen illustrators


Simon Perkins

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