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22 MARCH 2015

The digital positions the spectacle within circulations of power and authorship

"Mid- to late-20th century theories of the spectacle take little or no account of the creation of the spectacle, because they are so preoccupied with the effects of its consumption. As Dean (2010) has observed, this made sense at a time when most images were produced in a context of 'broadcast media', but offers no way to think about what she calls the 'reflexive circuit' of social media and user-generated content (pp.108-9). As Bayne (2008) points out, 'the incursions of the digital add a mutable new dimension to decades of theorising of the visible and visual in culture' (p.395). The digital positions the spectacle within circulations of power and authorship, and needs alternative perspectives through which to theorise the spectacle for spaces where people create, appropriate and consume."

(Jen Ross, p.261)

Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Networked Learning 2012 , Edited by: Hodgson V, Jones C, de Laat M, McConnell D,. Ryberg T & Sloep P.


20th centuryaesthetic spectacle • alternative perspectives • authorship • creation of the spectacle • Jodi Dean • power • power and authorship • reflexive circuit • reflexive foregrounding • Sian Bayne • social mediaspectacle • theorising the visible • user-generated content • visual in culture


Simon Perkins

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