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31 DECEMBER 2014

Ultra low-fi Quake demake for analogue oscilloscope

"Programmer Pekka Väänänen has rendered a playable version of the classic first–person shooter Quake on an oscilloscope. Video game demakes – adaptations or ports that recreate a game in art styles or on hardware from before their time – have become trendy in recent years, but this demo is a particularly old–fashioned throwback. In 1958, physicist William Higinbotham created one of the first video games, a tennis simulation that ran on a Donner Model 30 analog computer and an oscilloscope display. That game used dots on a 2D plane; Väänänen's creation draws the shooter's 3D space in a style reminiscent of a high school student's sketch book."

(Chris Plante, 29 December 2014)



2014analogue correspondence • Audio Stream Input-Output (ASIO) • crafts technology • Darkplaces Quake • electronic analogues • electronic rendering • fan gameFinnishfirst-person shooterFPS (games) • graphic animation • Hitachi V-422 oscilloscope • Jed Margolin • line geometry • low-filow-techopen sourceoscilloscope • Pekka Vaananen • portingProcessing (software)Quakerealtime generated visuals • realtime rendered • recreate a game • recreate favourite video games • recreationreinterpretationremediationrendered on the screenretrogamingrevisionism • software porting • technology repurposingultra-low-techvector artvideo game • video game adaptation • video game demake • video game remake • visual translation


Simon Perkins

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