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22 NOVEMBER 2014

Patti Smith and David Lynch speak candidly about their work

"The discussion was recorded for BBC Newsnight's 'Encounters' series, with topics ranging from the influence of Bobby Vinton's 1963 hit 'Blue Velvet' on Lynch's film of the same name, seeing Jerry Garcia's ghost, liking to ''bite' paintings, as well as 'Twin Peaks', which Smith says 'reconnected [her] to the world and art'."

(Luke Morgan Britton, 20 November 2014, NME)

[Patti Smith and David Lynch have a brief conversation at the Fondation Cartier in Paris where they discuss each other's work and their mutual respect for each other. BBC2 Newsnight Encounters, 13 November 2014.



2014 • BBC Newsnight • BBC2 • Blue Velvet (1963) • Blue Velvet (1986)Bobby Vinton • candid conversation • censorshipDavid LynchEraserhead (1977) • Fondation Cartier • Grateful Dead • ideas emerge incrementally • ideas emerge like jigsaw puzzle pieces • influential filmmakerinfluential musician • Jerry Garcia • materialising piece by piece • mutual respect • mutual understanding • NME • ParisPatti SmithPussy Riot • short conversation • state censorship • Twin Peaks


Simon Perkins

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