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13 NOVEMBER 2014

Shocking augmented reality experience greets London commuters

"Pepsi Max has gone straight to the top of this week's Viral Video Chart with its 'unbelievable bus shelter' which hoodwinked Londoners into thinking they were witnessing everything from an alien invasion to a loose tiger running in their direction.

The drinks brand rigged up a bus stop in the middle of central London with convincing digital technology which gave commuters the allusion that they were looking through a pane of glass to the world outside, when really they were seeing a digital display. A variety of awesome effects were then played onto the display to give the unsuspecting victims a fright."

(Staff Writer, 27 March 2014, The Drum)






2014advertisingadvertising campaignadvertising conceptsadvertising in public spacesalien invasionaugmented realityaugmented reality experiencebody language • bus shelter • bus shelterscommuterdigital screensexperience creationexperience design • fright • frighteningLondon • New Oxford Street • nonverbal communication • outlandishPepsi • Pepsi Max • reactions • show (spectacle)stuntsurprisetiger • unbelievable • unbelievable scenarios • viral video


Simon Perkins

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