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10 AUGUST 2014

Ethics Unwrapped: Appropriation & Attribution

"Attribution is giving credit where credit is due. Appropriation is the complex borrowing of ideas, images, symbols, sounds, and identity from others. ... This video is a part of Ethics Unwrapped, a free online educational video series about ethics produced by The University of Texas at Austin. Ethics Unwrapped offers an innovative approach to introducing complex ethics topics and behavioral ethics ideas in a way that is accessible to both students and instructors."



appropriationattribution • attribution theory • authorship • behavioural ethics • borrowing identity • borrowing images • borrowing of ideas • borrowing sounds • borrowing symbols • copyright legislationcopyright ownersethical issuesethical use of private dataethics • ethics topics • giving credit where credit is due • intellectual property rightsIPRlegal issueslegal rightslegal rights holders • online educational video series • ownershipplagiarismproperty rightsre-useteaching materialstheftunethical behaviour • University of Texas at Austin • your work


Simon Perkins

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