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28 MARCH 2014

Bath-water video game touchscreen makes a splash

"The AquaTop Display projects an image onto a water-filled bath. Users dip their hands in to control a computer game. Hand movements are detected by a Microsoft Kinect camera. The data collected is then translated into instructions that control the game. The fountains are driven by playing a low sound through waterproofed speakers at the bottom of the bath. Users can interact with the display from above or below the water's surface."

(BBC News, 28 November 2013)

[Researchers at The Koike Laboratory at The University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo have made a bath-water touchscreen that combines Microsoft Kinect camera to sense use interactions. The item was reported Laura-Jane Rich for the BBC2 Click programme.]



2013 • AquaTop Display • bathbathtub • bathwater • BBC Click • BBC2computer gamedepth-sensing cameradigital media experiences • Hideki Koike • interactive environmentsinteractive experienceinteractive installationinteractive projectioninteractive visualisation • interactive water surface • Kinect for Xbox 360 • Koike Laboratory • Laura-Jane Rich • liquid • liquid touchscreen • Microsoft Kinectmicrosoft kinect camera • Ngoc Hong Ha (Shin) Phuong • projection mappingreactive graphicsreal-time interactivity • Shingo Yamano • Tokyotouchscreen • University of Electro-Communications • video gamewater • waterproof speaker • Yasushi Matoba


Simon Perkins

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