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17 FEBRUARY 2014

Norman McLaren's SYNCHROMY (1971)

"Here are pyrotechnics of the keyboard, but with only a camera to 'play the tune'. To make this film, Norman McLaren employed novel optical techniques to compose the piano rhythms of the sound track. These he then moved, in multicolor, onto the picture area of the screen so that, in effect, you see what you hear. It is synchronization of image and sound in the truest sense of the word."

(National Film Board of Canada)

Fig.1 Director: Norman McLaren; Year: 1971; Time: 7 mins; Music: Norman McLaren.



1971abstract animated filmabstract animation • audiovisual art • changing patterncolourcolour and music • coloured pattern • design formalismdirect filmelectronic musicexperimental music • image and sound • multicolour • musicalizes vision • National Film Board of CanadaNorman McLaren • novel optical techniques • optical composition • painted soundtrack • piano rhythms • picture area • pure abstractionsoundtracksymbiosissynaesthesia • Synchromy (1971) • synchronisationtangible sequencervisual abstractionvisual musicvisual pattern


Simon Perkins

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