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16 JANUARY 2014

A Game Bible is not a Game Design Document

"Some people confuse a game bible with a GDD [game design document]. Don't make this mistake. A show bible is a term taken from television production. The show bible's emphasis is on the rules of the world and the backgrounds and relationships of the characters. This is an important document to create, especially if information about your world and characters is going to be shared with other individuals (like those working on marketing materials such as websites, comic book adaptations, and merchandising) but remember that the game bible has nothing to do with gameplay. That's what the GDD is for. ...

A GDD is first and foremost about gameplay. How the character interacts with the world rather than relates to it; a subtle difference, but an important difference nonetheless. I find bibles important, especially when communicating your game's universe to other interested parties, but it really should be done after you have started to flesh out your GDD. "

(Scott Rogers, pp.72–75, 2010)

Rogers, S. (2010). "Level Up!: The Guide to Great Video Game Design", John Wiley & Sons.



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Simon Perkins

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