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07 DECEMBER 2013

Silver Apples: Early Electronica

"Having languished in obscurity for many years, '60s US duo Silver Apples are now being widely recognised as pioneers of electronica, thanks to their ground–breaking work in melding psychedelic rock with primitive oscillators. At the time, certain switched–on tastemakers such as John Lennon and sometime collaborator Jimi Hendrix sang their praises, but it's been in latter years, with the likes of Beck, the Beastie Boys, Stereolab and Portishead's Geoff Barrow all acknowledging their influence, that the band's renown has grown. Despite having released only two albums during their first flush of creativity, it seems that Silver Apples' electronically enhanced, wigged–out pop has cast a long shadow. 'It's extremely rewarding as an artist that the documents of activity that I did all those years ago are being thought of as references by other musicians,' says the band's singer/electronicist Simeon today. 'It just astonishes me that it's taken on this kind of importance.'"

(Tom Doyle)



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Simon Perkins

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