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02 OCTOBER 2013

Subservient hunter hawks Tipp-Ex white-out

"Leave it to a brand of ink–correction fluid to create the most entertaining YouTube campaign since the Old Spice response videos. The clip below, for Tipp–Ex, with a hunter who encounters a bear at his campsite, sets in motion a whole interactive choose–your–own–adventure game where you decide what the hunter should do to the bear by typing directions into a field above the video. (The hunter uses Tipp–Ex to erase the word "shoots" and asks you for replacements.) It's basically Subservient Chicken all over again, but with a YouTube spin."

(Tim Nudd, 2 September 2010, Adweek)



2010adAdweekbearbreaking the fourth wall • Buzzman (agency) • campsite • choose your own adventure • correction fluid • deus ex machina • erase • erasuregrizzly bear • hunter • interactive advertisinginteractive narrativeinteractive YouTube video • Old Spice • Subservient Chicken (Burger King) • Tipp-Ex • white-out • YouTube campaign


Mik Parsons

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