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25 AUGUST 2013

28 Female Thinkers You Should Know, Even If Wired Magazine Doesn't

"When Wired magazine set about compiling their recently released '101 Signals' list of the 'best reporters, writers and thinkers on the Internet –– the people who understand what's happening,' they included many valuable sources of insight and analysis. Yet as many readers noticed, the list is pretty glaringly incomplete. How? It includes very few women. ...

In response to Wired's omissions, we asked HuffPost staffers specializing in each of the featured topic areas to nominate women who should have made the list." They missed: Lauren Goode, Jenna Wortham, Joanna Stern, Jillian York, Jennifer Granick, Michelle Richardson, Julia Angwin, Jessica Silver–Greenberg, Heidi Moore, Mina Kimes, Bess Levin, Sherry Turkle, Alice Park, Maryn McKenna, Ginny Barbour, Brene Brown, Emily Nussbaum, Heather Havrilesky, Alyssa Rosenberg, Ayesha Siddiqi, Linda Holmes, Latoya Peterson, Maria Popova, Maura Johnston, Carolina Miranda, Debbie Millman, Tina Roth Eisenberg, Jaime Derringer.

(20 August 2013, The Huffington Post)

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