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25 JULY 2013

jQuery Mobile: a markup-driven user interface framework

"jQuery Mobile is a user interface framework based on jQuery that works across all popular phones, tablet, e–reader, and desktop platforms. Built with accessibility and universal access in mind, we follow progressive enhancement and responsive web design (RWD) principles. HTML5 Markup–driven configuration makes it easy to learn, but a powerful API makes it easy to deeply customize the library."



accessibilityAPIappsdesign for mobile • device platforms • device-level APIHTML5HTML5 AppsjQuery • jQuery Foundation • jQuery Mobilemark-up • markup-driven • mobile application development • mobile devicemulti-devicemulti-device adaptationmultiple devices • progressive enhancement • responsive web design • RWD • technology platformuniversal access • user interface framework • web app frameworkweb application framework


Simon Perkins

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