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28 MAY 2013

Helena Almeida's Colourful cannibalism: consuming Yves Klein Blue

"For Study for Inner Improvement (1977), a sequence of photographs in which Almeida looks like she is eating blue paint. There is no question that the colour she is consuming is very similar to that of Yves Klein. She had in the past protested at Klein's use of women as objects in his artworks. At the time of making Study for Inner Improvement, the concept of anthropophagy (cultural cannibalism, the idea of consuming other cultures as a way of asserting independence) was a popular ideology. Almeida's chewing up of Klein's blue, a colour he had come to dominate, was a liberating act for women and artists everywhere."

(Jessica Lack, 7 October 2009,




1977 • anthropophagy • Antonio Salazar • artist • Artur Rosa • asserting independence • black and whiteblue • blue paint • breaking with confines • colourcolour field • consuming other cultures • cultural cannibalism • deface • Helena Almeida • Helio Oiticica • Leal Rios Foundation • Leopoldo de Almeida • liberate colour • liberating act • Lucio Fontana • Lygia Clark • neo-concrete movement • paintingphotography • physical liberation • Portugal • Portuguese artist • psychological emancipation • sequence of photographs • Study for Inner Improvement (1977) • three-dimensional space • translucence • University of Lisbon • women • women as objects • women in art and design • Yves Klein


Simon Perkins

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