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15 APRIL 2013

The Imagination of Playgrounds

"The following images begin with make–do playgrounds (as in the photographs by Helen Levitt, Henri Cartier–Bresson and others), but are followed by some unique and creative playground structures, some of which are mid–century modernist designs. As these images attest, playground equipment can be as simple as a tractor tire or mimic the amorphic abstraction of Jean Arp. So whether you are a landscape architect, a designer or just an inventive kid, all that really matters boils down to one simple question: do children like to play on it?"

(John Foster, 14 April 2013)




ad-hocadventure playgroundagency • Bob Cassilly • children • climbing structure • Design Observer (magazine) • Ed Kashi • Egon Moller-Nielsenexploration of unfolding possibilitiesexploratory experimentation • Helen Levitt • Henri Cartier-Bresson • imaginationimpromptu playimprovisationIsamu Noguchi • Jean Arp • Joe Brown • John Foster • jungle gymKuro Kanekolandscape architecturelandscape designmake-do playgroundsopen spacesopen-ended play spacesPaul FriedbergPaul Hoganplace for childrenplay • play sculpture • play spacesplaygroundplayground spacesrisk-takingscriptible spaces • sliding board • space and objectstyre swing


Simon Perkins

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