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06 FEBRUARY 2013

"JODI has over the years built quite a reputation, especially with their notorious CD–rom OSS/**** (Mediamatic, Amsterdam 1998) which, immediately after installation, executes a takeover of the computer. In 1999 their work was part of exhibitions like Netconditions at the ZKM at Karlsruhe, The Allure of the Digitalat the Tate Gallery in London and the SONAR festival in Barcelona. They were awarded a number of international prizes, amongst which the Webby Awards in San Francisco. JODI disposed of this prize immediately, calling the DotCom–audience 'ugly %commercial sons–of–bitches'. In the year 2000 JODI was present at several international group–exhibitions and festivals, such as the Transmediale in Berlin and Deathmatch at Hangar in Barcelona Even an apparently obsolete medium like teletext did not escape JODI's interference. In 2000 they released their unusual way of thinking on 'Page 379' on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of this medium."




artart installationartist collectivecodecomputercreative practice • Deathmatch • digital detritusDirk Paesmans • DotCom-audience • hypertext • interference • InternetJoan HeemskerkJODI (art collective)Mediamaticnet • Netconditions (exhibition) • obsolete medium • Page 379 • SONAR festival • takeover • Tate Modern • teletext • The Allure of the Digitalat • Transmediale festivalV2_ • Webby Awards • ZKM


Simon Perkins

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