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19 JANUARY 2013

Make your own 'Hitler finds out...' parody video

"You've probably seen your share of 'Hitler finds out...' and 'Hitler reacts to...' videos that take the famous scene from the 2004 movie Downfall (Der Untergang) and add funny subtitles misrepresenting the reason for Hitler's rage... This website lets you create such videos easily. All you need to do is come up with the captions. We'll make the video for you and upload it straight to your YouTube account."

(Jacek Fedorynski)



2004Adolf Hitler • air-raid shelter • Bruno Ganz • bunkercaption • captions • composure • Der Untergang • Downfall (2004) • extreme frustrationfamous scene • fuhrerbunker • funny subtitles • Hitler finds out • Hitler reacts to • Jacek Fedorynski • memememe culturemisrepresentation • misrepresenting • Oliver Hirschbiegel • parodyragesubtitlevideosYouTube


Simon Perkins

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