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10 DECEMBER 2012

Brands: The Logos of Global Economy

"Brands are everywhere: in the air, on the high street, in the kitchen, on television and, maybe, on your feet. But what kinds of things are they? The brand, a medium of exchange between company and consumer, has become one of the key cultural forces of our time and one of the most important vehicles of globalisation. In a new approach that uses media theory to study the economy, Celia Lury offers a detailed and innovative analysis of the brand. "

(Celia Lury, 2004)

Celia Lury (2004). "Brands: The Logos of Global Economy", International Library of Sociology, Routledge.


2004 • between company and consumer • brands • Celia Lury • Claire Valier • contemporary culturecrime and punishment • cultural force • detailed analysis • global economyglobalisationhigh street • John Law • John UrryLancaster UniversityLev Manovichlogosmedia theory • medium of exchange • Mike Michael • Mimi Sheller • on television • our time • popular culture • Robert Witkin • Shelia Jasanoff • states of knowledge • the brand • Theodor Adorno • vehicles of globalisation


Simon Perkins

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