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03 NOVEMBER 2012

Where Else Can You Read about Games and Cultural Heritage?

Games and Culture – a subscription-based journal published by Sage with an emphasis on videogames and the social sciences; Games Studies – an open-access, international journal covering a variety of disciplinary (and occasionally, designer) perspectives; Eludamos – open-access, international, and multidisciplinary, ELUDAMOS makes forays into territory very familiar to Play the Past readers; Loading… – the official (open-access) journal of the Canadian Game Studies Association, Loading… often features articles that focus on videogames and narrative.


academic journals • Canadian Game Studies Association • cultural heritage • Eludamos (academic games journal) • game studies • games and cultural heritage • games and culture • Games and Culture (academic games journal) • games research • Games Studies (academic games journal) • Loading... (academic games journal) • videogames and play


Simon Perkins

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