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17 JUNE 2012

The Greek Crisis Explained: Nomint's animated trilogy

"The Greek Crisis explained in 3 episodes. We didn't want to have our hands tied when it came to Greek Financial Crisis. It was a joint decision to set them free, and this is what they came up with; the 'Greek Crisis Explained' Trilogy. This project was basically assigned by us to ourselves and our brief was happily clear–cut: 'Present our very own version of the Greek Crisis'. And the story goes like this; Greece, a young spoiled girl gets devoured by Dept [sic], a humongous monster. EU cannot help Greece out on its own. And when all hope is lost, IMF is brought into play..."


Fig.1 "Greek Crisis Explained", CONCEPT / DIRECTION / DESIGN / ANIMATION / PRODUCTION: NOMINT Creative direction: Christos Lefakis, Yannis Konstantinidis, Direction / Story: Marilena Vatseri, Manos Gerogiannis, Christos Lefakis, Yannis Konstantinidis, Animation: Marilena Vatseri, Manos Gerogiannis, Christos Lefakis, Yannis Konstantinidis, Lead design: George Xanthos (aka Weirdink), Additional design: Manolis Mavris, Sound design: Christos Lefakis, Voiceover: Ross Douglas, Production Team: Aristotelis Michailidis, Marianna Papachristodoulou



20102D animationanimated presentationbeastborrowingcrises of capitalismcrisisdebtdebt crisiseconomic crisiseconomyEUEU policy agendasEuro crisisEuropeEuropean affairs • European economic integration • European Unionfinancial crisis • financial debt • girlglobal financial crisisgraphic representationGreeceGreek crisis • Greek Crisis Explained • Greek financial crisisillustrationIMFinformation graphicsInternational Monetary Fund • medical operation • monster • Nomint • operationvisual communicationvisual depiction


Simon Perkins

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