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12 APRIL 2012

BFI InView: Moving Images in the Public Sphere

"Today the BFI announces the completion of Phase One of a ground breaking project to give academics, teachers, students and researchers free online access to hundreds of hours of film and television. Available through the BFI National Archive these clips tell the complex social, economic and political history of Britain in the 20th century.

Funded by JISC as part of its digitisation programme, 'BFI InView: Moving Images in the Public Sphere' comprises more than 600 hours of full–length films and television programmes, alongside over 8,000 pages of related documents that have been digitised and made exclusively available to colleges and universities via a dedicated website. Accessible through federated access management, meaning users can view the materials with a single sign–on, the BFI InView site is easily searchable with materials catalogued and organised under six main categories: education, health, the environment, immigration, race and equality, industry and economy, law and order"

(BFI National Archive, 29 May 2009)



Simon Perkins

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