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22 FEBRUARY 2012

Visit to Picasso: painting on glass

"'Visite à Picasso' is a classic documentary by dir. Paul Haesaerts which features the frequently used footage of Picasso painting on glass while a camera films him from the other side. The trick of filming thru (sic) glass allows the viewer to witness Picasso's true genius as he paints his famous Torros with just a few well–placed brushstrokes. Shot in beautiful black and white in Picasso's home in Vallauris, the film is a poetic treatment of the master–painter."




1949abstractionartistartistic processblack and white • brushstrokes • bullcraftsmanshipcreative workdesign abstractiondocumentary • filming through glass • footageglass • master-painter • masteryPablo Picassopainterpaintingpainting on glass • Paul Haesaerts • perspective • poetic treatment • taureauthe viewertorros • Vallauris • Visit to Picasso • visual abstractionwitness


Simon Perkins

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