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10 FEBRUARY 2012

The Fox Is Black: a design community destination for creativity

"The Fox Is Black, formerly Kitsune Noir, was started in April of 2007 as a way of sharing interesting ideas with likeminded people. The blog has now become a staple in the design community as a destination for creativity and fresh ideas. Updated daily, the blog shares a melange of topics ranging from design, culture, music, and films. Every Wednesday we release a new desktop wallpaper on The Desktop Wallpaper Project, a way to decorate your computer background with the work of the best illustrators, designers and photographers in the world."

(Bobby Solomon)

Fig.1 Hans Andersson's "Time Twister" clock.

Fig.2 Fleet Foxes, animation by Sean Pecknold using illustrations by Stacey Rozich.

Fig.3 Lei Lei/Raydesign "My… My…".



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Simon Perkins

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